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BCSO blotter: Missing woman found in recliner
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Possible missing person: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address around 3:30 p.m. Aug. 19, where a woman said her sister was missing. The woman said she stopped by to visit her sister and found her car running, in reverse, with her phone on the passenger floorboard and the passenger window down.

She then found her sister’s purse on the front porch, and found her sister’s teenage daughter inside. The teen said she hadn’t seen her mother, who reportedly works nights in Savannah. The home is also equipped with a “medical alert system,” and it showed she had gotten home at 7:11 a.m.

What’s more, the missing woman’s work clothes were found in the bathroom, and a glass “filled with an alcoholic beverage” was found on the front porch.

As deputies were talking to the complainant, a neighbor came outside and, after being asked said he’d seen the woman “stumbling around the front yard trying to get into an old car located on the side of her residence,” and when he asked her if she was OK “she just mumbled and walked away, and eventually wound up sitting in the middle of the roadway that leads into the (neighborhood).”

Another neighbor told deputies the same thing. As they were gathering information, a school bus unloaded a bunch of kids at the neighborhood entrance and one kid “went into the residence (where) she noticed someone sitting in a recliner in her living room, all covered up with a blanket.”

It turned out to be the missing woman, who was “asleep in the recliner.” Apparently not for long.

“(She) came out walking out … while we interviewing (a neighbor),” the report said. The woman said she didn’t know the people who owned the recliner in which she was sleeping, and had no memory of leaving work. She “appeared dazed and confused, so EMS was called,” the report said. The woman was taken by ambulance to Memorial. Her sister was given a case number.

 Illegal dumping: An Ellabell man reported Aug. 19 that he wanted to report illegal dumping on his late father’s property. The man said “over the last 40 years, unknown people have been illegally dumping old tires on his father’s property. He stated his father never reported the activity, but since he is in charge of the property he is trying to get it cleaned up.” The man said “environmental services” is willing to help him remove the tires, but he needed a police report. He also said the “last dumping that he is aware of happened 15 years ago,” and when he caught the people responsible “they fled the area,” the report said. The man said there are approximately 300 tires on the property in need of removal. He was given a case number. 

Battery: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 10 p.m. Aug. 20 regarding “a subject possibly shot with a paintball gun and an ensuing fight.”

The report said the victim “was obviously intoxicated and appeared to have been in an altercation based on dirt on his arm and abrasions on his left arm and elbow. (He) was upset and was going on about the unknown person(s) who had shot him with a paintball gun.”

Witnesses said the man actually accused his son of shooting him with a paintball, which the son denied, and the two got into a fight. The son left on a scooter, with the man chasing him on foot.

Ultimately, the man was arrested for family violence.

Cruelty to children: A North Bryan man was warned he could be charged for cruelty to children after a deputy on his way home spotted a “small juvenile, approximately 2 years of age, standing in the roadway on Highway 204” around 5:17 p.m. Aug. 18.

The deputy removed the kid from the road when a man approached and said the child, one of several who were playing in his garage, had gotten out of his yard through a hole in the fence.

The man said he fixed the fence so the child couldn’t get out again.

A BCSO sergeant told the man he could be charged “but then no one would be able to watch the juveniles,” and “stressed that this could never happen again and if it did happen again, then (the man) or the person at fault would be charged criminally for this act.”

Criminal trespass: A deputy was sent to a Carter Town Road address around 2:44 p.m. Aug. 20 to check on a report of a man “seen laying in an empty field located at this address.”

The man was there, and deputies were familiar with him. “(He) had been arrested on the property … last month and served with a criminal trespass notice,” the report said. The man was arrested and taken to Bryan County Jail.

Assist other agency: Fort Stewart authorities asked two K9 units from BCSO and two from Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a welfare check of unspecified barracks beginning at 6 a.m. Aug. 15.

The deputies and their K9s “followed the MPs to the designated location and after the barracks were checked to make sure they were cleared the K9s were deployed.” They “all had alerts in the designated buildings,” so “the command staff of the unit, and the MPs had the people who were assigned to the room come back to the barracks so the rooms could be searched in their presence.”

Afterward, the deputies “returned to service.”

Simple assault: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 7:30 p.m. Aug. 20 “in reference to a complaint about a bag being placed inside a woman’s shorts.” The complainant said the offender “was intoxicated when he arrived at the residence and put a cold plastic bag (grocery bag from a convenience store) between (complainant’s) legs and up her shorts while she was standing outside.”

The complainant said he pointed at the man and told him to leave and not come back, and the man reportedly replied “if he pointed at him that would be the last thing he ever did.”

The man was apparently gone when deputies arrived. The woman said the same thing, but noted she didn’t think it had been sexual harassment. Deputies were going to serve the man with a criminal trespass notice but didn’t have an address. There was also reportedly some video.

Scam: A Richmond Hill woman reported Aug. 22 she was scammed. The woman said on Aug. 10 a pop up ad on her IPad told her to call Apple Support, and when she did she was told someone was trying to access her financial information on her computer. The woman gave the man at “Apple Support” information to access her computer and her cell phone, and he did, and told her to stay off her cell phone for the next 24-48 hours. She said the man called her back a couple of times and it made her suspicious, so she called Apple Support and was told “she had nothing to worry about.”

The woman said she went online Aug. 19 to book a cruise, and paid a deposit with her credit card. She then saw an ad for a cruise line credit card that would give a discount for applying, so she did. She then thought that might be a scam and called the cruise company and was told there were no online promotions.

On April 21, she got notice someone had tried to use her credit card to buy an airline ticket for more than $600, so she had her account locked and contacted authorities to file a report.

Criminal trespass: A Richmond Hill man reported Aug. 22 “his Comcast cable was cut on purpose, by one of his neighbors. The incident occurred down the street from the complainant’s residence,” and said the man he suspected cut the cable had left a handwritten note. The complainant said he told Comcast, and a representative came out and repaired the cable. A deputy tried to reach the neighbor, but was unable.

The report noted the cable was laying on the edge of the street in front of the neighbor’s home, and hadn’t been buried. “The cable was there because Comcast was making repairs in the area,” the report said.

 Vandalism: A Richmond Hill Middle School assistant principal reported Aug. 22 “multiple signs near the exit/entrance parking lot of the school were vandalized over the weekend.” Graffiti had been spray painted on a light pole and some signs, the report said.

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