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BCSO blotter: Missing July 4 boaters found OK
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Missing boaters found: Authorities from BCSO, Bryan County Fire and Emergency Services, the DNR and the Coast Guard spent several hours overnight July 3-4 searching for three men whose boat got stuck in marsh grass between Demeries Creek and St. Catherine’s Island.

The men were found after they were spotted by a passing boater. The three were “in less than good shape,” and “informed us they had been stuck there for several hours and no longer had anything to drink,” the BCSO report said. It added that they also got stuck in the mud trying to dig the boat out, and had to dig themselves out as well.

Deputies gave them water and took them to the Demeries Creek Boat Ramp. Their boat was towed.

Animal complaint: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address around 7:30 a.m. July 1 regarding a dog that had been hit by a vehicle. “I contacted the number on the dog’s collar, but the dog’s owner stated that he would not be coming to get the dog due to the price of vet bills.”

A deputy called Animal Control and was told they were on the way, but the animal was suffering and so the deputy “euthanized the animal with” his weapon.

Craigslist scam: A Richmond Hill couple reported July 2 someone tried to give away their stuff on Craigslist. The couple said they found out about it around 8 a.m. when people started coming to their door and knocking. They said they don’t know who did it but suspect a few neighbors.

The ad, shown to the complainants by someone who came looking for stuff, said, “everything must go! If you can haul it, you can have it! Early birds welcome. Seadoos, dirt bikes, construction equipment, tools, gas cans, etc.”

The ad had a map with their address and listed the event from 7 a.m. until through July 4.

The couple said they were going to move their stuff to the back yard and “post a sign … stating the Craigslist ad was a scam, do not take any property or you will be prosecuted.”

DUI drugs, etc: A deputy working traffic on I-95 around 7:30 p.m. July 3 noticed “a dark colored car coming at me in the slow lane of travel of 95 and I looked up because this vehicle had come off the road and was coming at me,” his report said.  

The deputy got his car out of the way, then went after the car, which was “all over the road” and conducted a traffic stop. The driver pulled over immediately, and asked why she was being stopped.  She told the deputy “she was stopped earlier and that the officer ran tests on her and said that she was not under the influence of alcohol.”  

The deputy called for the BCSO sergeant who does DUI testing and within minutes “he advised she was not safe to drive.” The 34-year-old Massachusetts woman was arrested, her car was towed. 

Noise complainant: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address around 12;30 a.m. July 2 regarding loud music coming from neighbors. The deputy went to talk to the neighbors, and “advised the parties that we had received a complainant about the loud music from a neighbor and asked if they could please turn it down for the night.” 

And then, well, there’s one in every crowd. “One of the party goers, an unknown male in a dark shirt, began asking me if I had any jurisdiction in their neighborhood as it is a private community. I informed the gentleman that I did have jurisdiction there as it is located in Bryan County. The man continued to question my authority and asked for my name and badge number, which I provided without hesitation. I further offered that my supervisor was on scene with me if he wished to make a complaint. The man then said, ‘No, I have your name and badge number, that’s enough.’ I think returned to service after being reassured that the music and conversation would be kept quieter.” 

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