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BCSO blotter: Man who threatens family tells deputies his wife is a witch
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

 Domestic incident: Deputies were called Jan. 3 to a Richmond Hill address regarding a man threatening his family. The man, when approached by a deputy, “made statements to the effect that his wife was a witch had been casting her spells on him.”

Family members were unharmed but were “extremely upset, shaking and crying and they both appeared to be scared.”

The deputy got the man outside, and was told “he was the reason for the storms that were currently happening and that he knew his wife was a witch when his son went upstairs and ran bath water during the storm. (He) also claimed that he had taken Jesus’ place and throne, next to God, and he was the Alpha and Omega. (He) also said that he was stopping the storms.”

Another deputy arrived and the reporting deputy was able to talk the man’s wife and son, and video showed the man acting strangely and making threats, and making his wife call him Master.

The wife said the man was schizophrenic and had not been taking his medicine, and has had similar episodes in the past, though “not to this extent.”

She declined to press charges and a deputy took the man to Memorial Health for an evaluation. The wife was also given information on getting help for family violence.

DUI, reckless driving, more: A 24-year-old Ellabell man was arrested around 7 p.m. Jan. 1 after he led a deputy on a high speed chase up Highway 204.

According to a BCSO report, the man was clocked around 5:30 p.m. driving a white Honda Accord some 112 mph in a 45 mph zone and a deputy tried to pull him over. The driver continued heading up 204 at speeds in excess of 90 mph, then turned onto Little Creek Road and then onto Charles Shuman Road before losing control and “wrecking in a ditch.”

But, the Accord “made it out of the ditch and continued … on Charles Shuman Road at speeds greater than 50 mph with other vehicles on this roadway … then made a right turn back on Highway 204, running the stop sign at this location.”

The deputy kept pace and managed to get up alongside the driver when he turned onto Mack English Road, but the car “came into my lane, causing me to back off,” the report said, noting the car eventually stopped at a home and the driver, who smelled of alcohol, got out of the vehicle, where he was taken into custody.

The man is charged with driving with an invalid registration, DUI, duty to stop at the scene of an accident, failure to maintain lane, fleeing, obstruction, open container, reckless driving and speeding.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported Jan. 1 a man driving a “small white car,” followed him home and “was sitting in front of his residence, facing the driveway.” The deputy who responded found the car stopped in front of the complainant’s house and the driver sitting inside on the phone. The deputy asked the man why he was parked there “as he lived a few houses down (from the complainant). (He) was unable to provide a coherent reason and at one point told (a deputy) that (the complaint) had followed him,” the report said.

The man did “leave after some time,” and the complainant was given a case report number.

Speeding, more: A deputy patrolling Belfast Keller Road around 2:35 a.m. Jan. 1 “observed a vehicle traveling towards me at a high rate of speed,” and clocked it at 87 mph in the 55 mph zone. He attempted to pull the vehicle over but the driver kept going until he got to Highway 17, where a Georgia State Patrol trooper joined in and managed to get the car stopped.

The GSP trooper told the deputy he saw the driver run a stop sign, hit some curbing and go through a median, and he’d “removed the driver of the vehicle,” and “noted that (the driver) appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.”

The driver, who had a South Carolina address, told authorities “he was only driving so fast because he was running out of gas and was trying to make it to the gas station.”

The deputy cited him with speeding, and the state trooper performed a field sobriety test and determined the man was DUI, so he was arrested and taken to jail.

Speeding: A deputy patrolling Highway 144 near Belfast River Road around 10:20 p.m. Jan. 4 “witnessed a vehicle traveling east bound on Hwy. 144 at a high rate of speed,” a report said.

The deputy clocked the vehicle at 110 mph, and “as the vehicle approached its speed varied between 100 mph and 110 mph.”

The deputy made a U-turn and saw the vehicle get into the westbound lane to pass two cars before it turned right onto Belfast Keller Road. The deputy was able to pull the 2018 Nissan Armada over near Victors Court and Lou Page Lane.

The 21-year-old driver, a Richmond Hill man who was described as compliant, reportedly told the deputy he knew he was going over 100 mph. He was arrested. The man’s mother came to pick up the SUV.

Meth trafficking: A man and woman from Charleston, SC were arrested around 8 p.m. Jan. 2 and face meth trafficking charges after a traffic stop on I-16 for speeding led to a search of their vehicle that found “43 total jewelers bags containing various amounts of crystalline material suspected to be methamphetamine” that weighed 52 grams, among other things.

The stop followed a deputy clocking a Honda Accord heading east on I-16 at 86 mph in a 70 mph zone, the report said. The deputy got suspicious because the man and woman had “a level of anxiety and unease … (that) did not match the consequence of a warning and I believed there may be other reasons for the heightened anxiety.”

Matter of record: Deputies were called to an Ellabell address around 2:25 p.m. Jan. 2 regarding “a civil dispute as well as possible harassment.”

The complainant said she owns property at the address and was putting posts on the property line when one of her nephews began moving the posts and yelling at her. “She stated that (the nephew) did call her a whore, and used other vulgar language towards her. She stated that her son and daughter-in-law are also being harassed by (her nephew)” and his father.

The complainant said the two men also cut grass on her property and she wanted to stop. She also said one of the men “has been harassing her daughter-inlaw and told her ‘show me your boobs’ (She) stated that this has occurred more than once.”

The woman was told if it happens again to call BCSO immediately. She got a case number.

Matter of record: Deputies were called to an North Bryan address Jan. 2 “in reference to a 19-year-old male breaking windows at his parents residence.”

Deputies talked to the parents and the teen, who apparently “was upset because he could not reproduce,” according to a report.

The parents said their son had been diagnosed as bipolar and he’d “acting this way since he was sentenced to probation at court for a drug related charge.” They didn’t want to press charges but wanted their son to go to the hospital for a mental evaluation. He didn’t want to go, so the deputy explained to the parents on how to get with probate court.

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