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BCSO Blotter: Man says driver pointed gun at him
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Pointing a gun at another: A man told BCSO he was driving east in the left hand lane on I-16 near the 140 mile marker around 9 a.m. April 29 when “a black Ford Fusion came behind him speeding towards him and riding his rear bumper.”

The man said when he got over the driver “pulled out a pistol (believed to be a derringer style pistol,” then waved the pistol around, ran the man off the road and then took off. He got a case number. He gave the deputy the man’s tag number.

Lost tag: When wading through incident reports it can sometimes seem every other person in Bryan County is reporting a lost tag. This man reported April 29 that the tag for his boat trailer is missing. “He states the tag may have rusted to the point it fell off during use.”

The tag was valid halfway through 2020. The man got a case number.

Missing cell phone: A man reported April 29 that his kid had his iPhone 7 stolen from a class room at Richmond Hill Middle School. The dad said a teacher collected all the phones before testing, then let the students pick them back up after the test was over. He blamed the teacher for not making sure students were taking the right phone, etc, and when his kid went to pick his up it was gone.

School administrators searched everyone in the class but didn’t find the phone, and when the phone was pinged it showed the phone was up front, but a second try came up empty. The dad got a case number.

Unruly juvenile: A deputy was sent to the Richmond Hill Middle School bus ramp April 18 to handle an “unruly juvenile.” The kid was escorted off the bus and the deputy gave her a ride home. “A juvenile complaint was completed and will be forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice.”

Terroristic threats: A Bryan County High School student and his mother met with a deputy about an April 19 incident at their home in Ellabell. The teen said he sold another teen an Xbox a month ago and after a few weeks that teen came by his house and threatened to kill his mother, beat him up in the school bathroom and shoot up his house if he didn’t get his money back. The complainants were told to call 911 if the teen showed up there again.

Shoplifting: An Ellabell man was arrested April 23 for shoplifting “a roll of duck tape and a small jar of Crayola paint,” according to a report.

Damage to property: A deputy was called to the Zip-N-Foods on Highway 204 around 7:30 p.m. April 26 because car hit the building. According to a witness, he saw the car driven into a parking spot on the south side of the building. The driver “accelerated and jumped over the concrete parking curb,” and hit “two steel cages that contained multiple 20 pound propane tanks, and the rear passenger’s side of the vehicle struck a steel building post. (Witness) stated that the sedan almost hit (a man) sitting on his 4-wheeler near the propane cage. (Witness) advised that after striking the cages the driver backed out as though nothing happened, and moved to a different parking space.”

The witness said he then approached the driver, an 81-year-old man who had “one foot on the brake, and one on the accelerator while racing the engine.”

The witness said he asked the man to put the vehicle in park, and he did, and then the witness took the keys to keep the man from hurting anyone.

The man on the 4 wheeler “corroborated” the account, and the deputy saw the damage to the curb and the elderly man’s car. He called a tow truck to “remove the vehicle … for (the driver’s) safety, as well as the safety of the public.”

He then gave the 81-year-old man a ride home.

Simple assault, damage to property, etc.: An Ellabell man and his mom called BCSO around 244 a.m. April 27, and “upon contact (the man) had the appearance of being high on drugs.”

He then “states a series of events that happened of the last few days, not really giving a specific time frame.”

But, the deputy noted, it “appears that the events started on Wednesday night,” when the man allowed some friends to say at his home and “he and the girlfriend got high on meth. He states that she began to dance around his bedroom naked, but nothing sexual happened between them at this time.”

The man said he passed out on the bed and the next morning the woman was crying and claiming something happened to her but she wasn’t sure what.

The man said when she got home to her mom, “he began getting threats that he had done something to (the woman) and he was going to get his.”

Also, the man said another girl stole some things from his home and had them in a fanny pack, and took his garage door opener.

“(The man) believes that someone reentered his home on Friday while he was at work, he believes through the garage door with the opener, and then stole the other set of keys for his truck because now they are gone.”

And then, “sometime during all of this a white male pulled into his yard in a 200? Black ext cab step side pickup with wide rims. (The man) states the male was around 6 feet and between 35 and 40 years of age, he had no shirt and wore black shorts.” The man said the male then knocked on his door and when he answered “the male pulled a black in color Glock 40 from behind his back and put it to (the man’s) forehead.”

The man said when the male with the gun looked away, he slammed the door and dropped to the ground. He said the shirtless male with the gun was looking for a friend who had been staying with him.

To top it off, someone keyed a 2016 pickup and a 2013 pickup.

“(The man) was advised in the future not to let people that he is not so familiar with come party and do drugs in his home while he is passed out in the bathroom.” The man who told the deputy all this, by the way, was born in 1979.

Obstruction: A Savannah man already facing charges got in hotter water April 25 after he got mad at a judge during a first appearance hearing before a magistrate. “(The man) began to sling (the judge’s) papers and then was physically taken to the ground by three deputies),” who eventually got him under control, into handcuffs and “removed from the room.”

Public indecency: The man charged with obstruction was in jail at 7 p.m. April 24 when, while standing “on the second tier by the railing/balcony, in full view of officers, inmates and cameras, (he) exposed his (yep) and began to urinate from the balcony.”

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