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BCSO blotter: Man picks up litterbug’s sandwich, gets tire slashed
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Criminal trespass; An Ellabell man reported May 26 he saw a man “in a four-door Toyota sedan get out of his vehicle and throw trash on the ground,” so “out of everything thrown on the ground (the complainant) picked up a Subway sandwich and put it on top of the Toyota.” The complainant said when he got back to his vehicle, “he noticed a note that said not to put a sandwich on his vehicle again. (Complainant) also noted that the passenger side tire had a large cut in the sidewall.”

The complainant was given a case number.

Fight: Around 2:39 a.m. May 29 deputies were sent to an Ellabell address “regarding a report of a naked female drunk in the yard.”

There, they met with at least three men and two women, all in their 50s, who “were all noticeably under the influence of alcohol,” the report said, and “two parties were noticeably involved in a physical altercation.”

One of the women said she met the others at a nearby nightspot and “discussed participating in a ‘swinger party,” and it was established what party would have sexual relations with other members at the event.”

The woman said she was then invited to the address, and began “participating in sexual acts with other women before she was suddenly attacked.”

Others involved said the woman “was uninvited and unwelcome and they had never seen her or interacted with her until meeting her at the bar,” and that she arrived and started “stripping her clothing and attempting to sexually interact with a now sleeping woman,” whom nobody could awake to give her side of the story to deputies. “

“They all agreed another uninvited male party (who no party was able to provide a single detail of a description,” carried her outside and a fight ensued.” Another man admitted he got into a fight with the woman and got hit in the face and scratched on the arm.

“Due to the inconsistent testimony and possible deception provided by all parties no arrests were made.” Deputies stuck around until the woman got a sober driver to take her and her vehicle out of there, the report said.

Everyone got a case number.

 Matter of record: This is one is weird. A Bryan County employee canceled the county’s membership in a certain gym and got an email from the owner, who “stated Bryan County was under the control of a criminal organization and a terrorist organization,” and “didn’t have the authority to revoke any financial agreements and law enforcement has zero authority to enforce any laws to her or any citizen of the state of Georgia.” The email also said the owner would remit invoices for February, March. April and May.

There was also a phone call between the county employee and the owner, but deputies noted there was no threat from the owner aimed at any county employee. That said, the county got a case number and the deputy was briefed about the emails, etc.

Property damage, etc; A deputy was sent to the Zip In on Highway 204 around 8:10 p.m. May 28, where he met a woman who said she was driving west around Clarence Smith and Black Creek Church roads when “the vehicle in front of her started to swerve,” so she backed off, then “noticed the trailer hitch fall of the rear of the vehicle (in front of her).”

The woman said she tried to miss hitting the trailer hitch, but it “bounced up” and hit the undercarriage of her vehicle, which “almost immediately started smoking so she pulled over.”

Her friends then picked up the trailer hitch and they decided to drive to the Zip In so they wouldn’t be on the side of the road, then saw the Jeep that lost the hitch was parked at the Dollar General across the street.”

“She stated her friends carried the trailer hitch and gave it to the owner. She stated she then called the police and the Jeep left the area.”

The woman was able to get a photo of the tag. The deputy who took the report “could see oil all over the ground coming from under her vehicle,” and he ran the Jeep’s tag and got an Ellabell address.

The woman got a case number and waited to get a tow from her parents. Another deputy went to talk to the other party in this case, and met a man “who was in the process of installing the trailer hitch on another vehicle.”

That man “expressed concern over the hitch being located by (the woman’s) friends and suspected he was the target of fraud and the others appeared to be under the influence of some illegal drug.” The report noted that there was no sign of that, and the man “did confirm that the hitch was his, and he had driven from city to city throughout the day and denied the hitch (had ever fallen off his vehicle).” Aggravated assault, battery, etc; Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address at some point on May 27 “in reference to an assault that occurred between 0000 hours and 0130 hours this date.”

Deputies talked to a number of witnesses, who said the offender, a 41-year-old man, “arrived at the residence intoxicated and started a verbal and physical fight with the people at the home.”

One witness, a woman, said the offender got home “saying he wrecked his truck,” and was “extremely drunk,” and “was asked to leave by everyone but refused.” The man also pulled out a knife, tore a handrail from a porch, kicked over a gallon of paint and at some point tackled the woman, breaking her right foot.

“(She) got up hobbled inside and grabbed her softball bat. She used the bat as a crutch to walk out of the front yard and returned to the backyard where (the offender) was still threatening (another witness) with the knife,” threatening to “gut” him.

The woman said she hit the offender in the arm with te bat, and everyone went inside and shut the door, and (the offender) began to beat on the back door and attempted to enter the home.”

That’s when those inside the home said they’d call the cops if he didn’t leave, and so he started walking off.

The man who’d been threatened said he was told the offender had wrecked his truck and refused to believe it, which made the offender mad.

Two other witnesses said much the same.

The deputy asked why they didn’t call law enforcement earlier and the woman “indicated that she did not want to get him in trouble because (all three of the men) were related.”

Also, earlier that night the offender had talked to deputies “in reference to crashing his truck and leaving the scene,” and during that conversation the man showed a deputy “a mark on his right bicep saying he was attacked with a bat while at his cousin’s house the previous night.”

Meth: During the above incident, deputies learned two of the cousins were wanted by other law enforcement agencies – one in Rincon and one in Bulloch County. During the arrests, a deputy found a “small clear bag of suspected methamphetamine,” in one of the men’s shorts pockets. He claimed he found it on the ground and put it in his pocket, the report said.

Stolen property: A deputy around the Fisherman’s Co-Op reported May 25 the road closed sign “at the barricades to prevent people (from going) back to the old Co-Op site … was stolen from the chain.”

The deputy noted the chain the sign was on was “dark colored and hard to see in the daylight so at night it would be almost invisible,” so he covered it in crime scene tape so people could see it.

Suspended license, etc: A deputy headed northeast on Highway 280 around 12:04 a.m. got near I-16 when he saw a “dark colored truck coming up the east bound off ramp,” and the driver didn’t stop took, instead taking a left in front of the deputy’s car. He conducted a traffic stop at the Love’s Truck Stop and explained why.

The driver at first “in broken English,” said he stopped for five seconds, and then when asked for a driver’s license handed the deputy a prison ID and said he didn’t have a driver’s license yet.

The deputy checked the vehicle and driver through dispatch and learned the vehicle’s registration had been canceled and the driver was suspended and also a deported felon, but ‘it was learned later he was not the deported felon.” He was arrested anyway. The vehicle and passenger were left to wait on a licensed driver.

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