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BCSO blotter: Man on drugs drops pants to avoid arrest
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Disorderly conduct, etc: Deputies were called to a Highway 80 convenience store shortly after 5 a.m. June 14 “in reference to an unwanted customer in the store who had already been served a criminal trespass warning.” The man was described as a “white male not wearing a shirt.”

When the man, who is listed as homeless and 42 years old, saw deputies, he ran out the back door and into the woods. Deputies found him shortly. (He) was not wearing a shirt, had pulled his pants down and lowered his body into the squatted position. (He) was advising he had to use the bathroom.” But, “it did not appear that (the man) had to use the bathroom,” the report continued, and instead was “trying to deflect deputies from arresting him.” It didn’t work. The man was put in the patrol car. The store clerk said the man, who appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine, knew he was banned and came inside anyway without a shirt, talking to himself. Another complainant said he was in his car in the parking lot when the man “approached his vehicle, opened the passenger’s side door without his permission and asked if he could have a lighter or either money to buy a lighter.” When that complainant told the man to leave, “(he) became angry and started using vulgar language ….”

The man was taken to jail.

Matter of record: A woman reported June 10 she let her son borrow her pickup, “however, her son lost her Ford pickup somewhere here within Bryan County, possibly near (a hunt club).”

“It was told (to the woman) that the truck ran out of gas so her son had to leave the truck and start walking and now he is unsure exactly where he left the truck.”

The reporting deputy “was familiar with this incident,” due to the woman’s son telling a deputy on June 5 that “a day or so ago he was high on methamphetamine, ran out of gas, starting walking and is now unsure where the truck is.”

Deputies looked and couldn’t find the truck, then checked the area gain June 10 and still couldn’t find it.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill woman reported June 14 an alligator in her yard. The woman told BCSO “she discovered the alligator when she let her small dog out to use the restroom. (She) stated when she called to her dog the alligator snapped at her dog. The pet was injured.”

So was the gator. It was recovered and turned over to “Trapper Jack” to relocate. Downed tree: Everybody’s a critic. Deputies were called to Belfast Keller near Marsh Harbour on June 14 regarding a tree that had blocked the road.

While crews from Bryan County Fire and Emergency Services cut up the tree, deputies helped direct traffic “so emergency vehicles could exit the area.

Due to vehicles attempting to pass (two patrol cars), the north bound lane traffic was blocked.” As a deputy noted, he “directed the north bound traffic around the emergency vehicles and stopped both lanes of travel when the fire engine and ambulance were leaving.

One vehicle, a Lincoln SUV, kept easing forward towards me, blowing the horn, and the driver began yelling something from the window. At one point, the driver got out of his vehicle, but quickly got back in once I began walking in his direction.” The deputy reported he let southbound traffic move once the north bound lane was clear and the emergency vehicles were “back in service,” and the driver of the SUV, “an older, bald, white male yelled at me about allowing ‘all the traffic from 95’ to pass without allowing him to go forward.” The deputy explained he was letting the emergency vehicles clear out and then pointed out his supervisor should the angry SUV driver want to make a complaint. “The man then yelled at me to have a good day. As the man passed (the supervisor) he made a remark to the effect ‘we were doing a (beeped) job’ or a ‘lousy job’.”

The deputies moved on to the next calls.

Criminal trespass: Deputies were called to an Ellabell address around 3:20 p.m. June 12 “in reference to a domestic in progress.”

There they met a 54-yearold woman on the front porch who said a man we assume was her ex-boyfriend had locked her out of the house and wouldn’t let her inside to get her belongings.

“(She) indicated that they had been arguing throughout the day,” the report continued. “After (the man) locked (the woman) out of the house she burnt a sock that (the man) had on the porch to throw away.”

The man “confirmed (the woman’s) account of events stating they had been arguing and she burnt an old sock that he had in the trash pile to be thrown away. Both parties were separated and (the man) left the area. (The woman) was advised to call for an escort when she was ready to obtain the rest of her property.” Unwanted texts: An 28-year-old Ellabell woman reported June 14 she got texts from her “minor sister’s father,” about a recent incident and “reported she felt threatened by the text message.” The deputy didn’t see any threat in what was on her phone. “I could not see any threat in the message saying it was wrong to hit her sister.” The complainant also said she received a Facebook message from a woman about the same incident. “The message stated how it was wrong to hit her sister and that if she wanted to hit her sister, she could go to her house.” The deputy noted “I didn’t find this message to be threatening to (the complainant0 due to (the woman) never saying that she would come to find (the complainant) or saying she would fight (the complainant).” He told the woman she should “block the individuals so they could not contact her again.” She was also given a case number. 

Meth, shoplifting: A deputy was sent to a Highway 280 business on June 13 for a report of a man and woman shoplifting. Both denied stealing anything, but a check with dispatch showed both had active warrants. At the same time, another deputy was given permission to search the woman’s purse and found a “Dove vanilla spray deodorant,” and then saw store video of the man taking it and putting it in her purse.

While arresting the man for shoplifting, deputies then found a digital scale in his pocket, and it had a crystal-like substance on it, deputies reported. It tested positive for meth. The man was taken taken to jail, the woman was released after the agency that had the warrant on her declined to pick her up.

DUI drugs, meth: Deputies on the lookout June 12 for the driver of a vehicle involved in a trailer theft in Pooler spotted it in Richmond Hill, then watched as the driver “failed to maintain lane several times around the I-95 area (of Highway 17).”

A traffic stop ensued and the 35-year-old Savannah woman was asked about the theft in Pooler and, after she showed signs of being on drugs, the last time she’d used methamphetamines “and she responded by saying it had been a few days.”

After a sobriety test and discovery of a bag of meth in the driver’s door pocket, the woman was arrested and taken to jail.

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