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BCSO blotter: Man clocked at 147 mph on Highway 144. Really.
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Speeding, reckless driving: A 32-year-old man was pulled over around 6:30 a.m. Sept. 21 on Highway 144 after his BMW SUV was clocked going east at 147 mph. He was cited.

Criminal trespass: Deputies were dispatched to a Richmond Hill address regarding a woman putting apples on a man’s property. The man had video of the woman putting out the apples, despite his putting up no trespassing signs and a sign warning people they were under video surveillance. The man said he had dogs and other animals on his property and didn’t want the woman to be injured by them.

A deputy talked to the woman, who “said all she was doing was putting out apples and carrots along the tree lines in the area to feed the deer,” the report said, noting she understood the man’s point of view and wouldn’t go back on his property.

Theft: An employee of a Highway 280 truck stop reported two men “grabbed two Garmin GPS devices and ran out the back door” around 2:12 a.m. Sept. 24.

One of the men was described as black and wearing a black hoodie with “the logo NASA on the front right side, SPACE with green design on the back, black jeans and black shoes, (and) using a pink I-phone on Facetime with an unknown female,” while another black man, with dreadlocks and a tattoo on his neck, and wearing an olive green hoodie, grey pants and black shoes, was “holding several one-hundred-dollar bills in his hands during the interaction,” and made it seem to the employee that it would be a “valid transaction,” after they asked to see the devices.

Instead, when the GPS devices were on the counter, the man in the black hoodie “pointed at an item on the wall behind him,” the store employee turned around and “the two offenders grabbed the devices and ran out of the back door.”

There was security video, and apparently there was a similar incident recently in Bulloch County. The case is under investigation.

Civil matter: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill neighborhood on Sept. 21 regarding threats that arose over dirt on an easement. The complainant, who said he is contractor hired to work on the property, told deputies he hired someone to work on an easement near a community sidewalk but a neighbor came and put the dirt back in. “(Complainant) stated he was approached by the irate neighbor who made threats towards him and told him to stay off the property,” a report said.

The neighbor said he tried to talk to the contractor “about the easement, safety concerns and the appearance,” and “the conversation did escalate and both parties exchanged ‘not so nice words.’” Both sides had contacted the homeowners association.

Damage to property: Deputies were sent to a North Bryan business Sept. 19 because an 83-yearold driver said she “thought she placed the vehicle in park, when it lurched forward and struck the two ice machines in front of her.”

One of the ice machines suffered “significant damage,” the report said, and “upon further examination, the siding on the building as well as the brick foundation was damaged. The impact also caused possible damage to a produce display inside of the business.”

Warrant: A deputy on patrol around 11:50 p.m. Sept. 24 spotted two men on bicycles riding west on Highway 280, and “could barely see the two individuals because they did not have any lighting or reflectors on the rear of their bicycles.”

The deputy used his PA to tell the men to pull into the Lanier Learning Center, and they did.

“One individual had a hard mounted light on the front of his bicycle, and the other individual had a small dim flashlight, using it as a front light, but neither had any rear lighting or reflectors.” The deputy explained the “lighting requirements involving bicycles,” then checked the men’s names with dispatch. The men were brothers, and one was wanted in Bryan County on a probation violation. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill woman reported Sept. 19 her 41-year-old husband was acting out of character. The woman said he took her money and later prevented her from getting inside the home “because he had tied the door shut from the inside …” and wouldn’t let her talk to the kids.

The woman also said her husband had destroyed some of her things, “mainly by throwing them in the pond or burning them.”

The woman had picked up the kids and had them with her, she told the deputy, who explained how she could get a temporary protective order.

Sept. 18: Suicide attempt: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address regarding a possible suicide attempt.

No insurance: A vehicle pulled over on Highway 280 for having an expired tag also didn’t have insurance. It was towed.

Matter of record: A deputy took a man to Gateway in Savannah for a mental health evaluation.

Domestic dispute: A deputy was sent to a Highway 144 gas station regarding an argument between a man and woman.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address regarding an unresponsive person.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported a credit card had been fraudulently opened in her name and there were $4,000 worth of charges to the card.

Lost property: A Richmond Hill man reported he is missing two firearms from a gun safe in his garage. The man said he took the rifle and a handgun out eight months ago to clean them and can’t remember if he put them back.

Sept. 19: Marijuana possession, DUI drugs, speeding: A 37-year-old man pulled over for driving 74 mph on Highway 280 in a vehicle that smelled of pot admitted to smoking ‘just a lil’”earlier and carrying a gun in the driver’s side door belonging to his mother was arrested on drug charges, etc. When asked why he was driving so fast, “(the man) stated he was on the way to pick up the kid at the bus stop.”

The driver gave the deputy a copy of a Massachusett’s medical marijuana card and said he smokes it for medical reasons. A field sobriety test showed the man was under the influence and was arrested, but because he was cooperative he was allowed to contact someone to get his vehicle.

Warrant served: A Richmond Hill woman wanted on three warrants in Effingham County was arrested and taken to Effingham County. Her husband, who also has three warrants, was contacted by phone and “stated he would not be taken in (arrested) until his wife was let out of jail.”

Damage to property: A Pembroke man reported broken windows on his property.

Sept. 20: No license, tailgating: A 40-yearold man involved in a two-vehicle wreck on Highway 280 was not licensed. He was cited for not having a license and following too closely.

Speeding, suspended license: A 20-year-old woman clocked driving 74 mph in a Ford Eco Sport on Highway 144 was pulled over. It turned out her license had been suspended in June for a serious violation. She was ticketed, her car was turned over to a family member.

Lost property: A Richmond Hill man reported he hasn’t seen his pistol in two weeks. He got a case number, the serial number of the handgun was entered into crime computers.

Animal complaint: A Richmond Hill man reported a neighbor’s dog attacked his dogs and he had to rush one to the vet.

Sept. 21: Animal complaint: An Ellabell woman reported she tried to separate a group of dogs that were fighting when one bit her on the arm. EMS came and took the woman to Evans County Hospital. Animal control also came and said the dog would have to be quarantined for 10 days.

Theft: A 30-year-old man was arrested for stealing a car from an Ellabell woman who was allowing him to stay on her property.

Domestic dispute: A Richmond Hill teen reported an argument between he and his father over wrestling moves involving another child in the family.

Warrant: A deputy went to a truck stop on Highway 280 to pick up a man arrested by Effingham County Sheriff’s Office deputies and wanted in Bryan County.

Sept. 23:

Animal complaint: An Ellabell man reported a woman living in the neighborhood lets her dogs roam the neighborhood, and one dog killed his grandson’s chicken. She was cited.

Abandoned vehicle: An abandoned vehicle near Ashbranch and Neal Road was towed.

Warrant: A 24-year-old man at a traffic stop in North Bryan was arrested on warrants out of Effingham County. He was also wanted in Bulloch County.

Warrant: A 35-year-old man wanted in Bryan County was arrested in Ellabell.

Speeding, no license: A 26-year-old man pulled over for doing 80 mph on Highway 204 didn’t have a license. He was arrested.

Domestic dispute: A Richmond Hill woman reported her sister threw a vase and hit her in the foot, then left. The woman didn’t want to press charges.

Domestic dispute: A Richmond Hill woman reported she was shoved by her brother-in-law during an argument stemming from removing his dogs from her property.

Alarm: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address regarding an alarm going off. The call was canceled when the deputy got there because it had been caused by the homeowner.

Verbal dispute: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address regarding an argument between a couple.

Extortion: A Richmond Hill woman reported her teen son was being extorted on social media by a scammer after he and a woman exchanged nude photos.

Sept. 24:

Warrant: A man was arrested at Morgan’s Bridge landing on a warrant.

Meth, DUI-drugs: A 28-year-old man spotted trying to drive away from Morgan’s Bridge landing around 12:15 a.m. was busted after he was found with meth. The man also said he used the drug earlier.

Warrant: A 22-year-old woman stopped around 3:50 a.m. for driving 77 mph on Highway 17 turned out to be wanted in Chatham County for failing to show up for a court date.

Animal complaint: A Richmond Hill woman reported her dog was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. The neighbor’s dog also had been bitten, and an investigation showed “both dogs had bitten each other as they came into contact with each other at the fence.”

Aid to other agency: A deputy on I-95 spotted  a black Cadillac “traveling slowly in the right north bound lane,” and noted it matched the description of a vehicle that had run from Hinesville police and Liberty County deputies earlier in the day. The tag matched, too, so the Bryan deputy pulled the Cadillac over and kept the 21-year-old driver in his patrol car until an HPD officer arrived to pick him up. The Cadillac was left at a truck stop.

Unruly juvenile: A deputy was called to an Ellabell address regarding a dispute with a father and son over homework. The son wanted help, the father needed to sleep after working night shift, the report said.

Battery: An intoxicated 33-year-old Ellabell woman was arrested for hitting her aunt.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to help RHPD with an accident at the Highway 17 ramp onto I-95 south. “Deputies controlled the traffic for fire, EMS, GSP and RHPD.”

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a South Bryan street for a possible crash, “could not locate an accident and no one knew of any.”

Suspicious incident: A man was asked to leave the ballfields at the South Bryan Rec Department after he asked one of the kids there if he wanted “to have a puff” of pot. The 29-year-old man wanted to argue with deputies and said he had a medical marijuana card, and “was advised in Georgia we don’t have medical marijuana.” A K9 dog alerted on one of the man’s bags, and a check showed “a small amount of green leafy material, possibly marijuana,” etc. The complainant didn’t want to pursue the matter.

Missing person: Bryan County Fire and Rescue found an Ellabell man who had gotten knocked out on his boat on the Ogeechee River and then swam to shore, where he was found by deputies.

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