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BCSO Blotter: Man claiming to be Jesus approaching animals

From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Suspicious activity: An Ellabell woman reported April 5 that a “local has been walking along the road outside her residence and approached her animals with strange objects stating that he was Jesus Christ.”

The woman said she thought the man might be schizophrenic and “non medicated,” and asked that he be taken to a mental health facility.

“The complainant continued to state that the offender was into satanic rituals and displayed a stuffed animal with a crucifix. (The deputy) identified the object as a puppet and informed her that while strange it was not illegal to practice any witchcraft.”

The deputy told the man to stay away from the woman’s home.

Theft: An Ellabell man reported April 9 that “this morning he walked out of his house to discover his golf cart missing.”

The man told a deputy he parked the golf car in its normal place the night before, and the deputy “could see tire tracks that were present in the sand for a short distance that appeared to fade due to the rainfall overnight.”

The complainant said he believed whoever swiped it pushed it onto a trailer “because he has the key.”

The cart, a 2000 to 2002 EzGo, is battery operated with a beige top, rear folding seat and a front seat with a tear in it. It has a siren mounted on the side and a No. 67 on the side.

The complainant gave the deputy the names of someone he believes might’ve taken it.

Damage to property: A South Bryan man reported April 9 he got a phone call from neighbors the night before saying his “large brick mailbox was in pieces in their driveway.” The neighbors didn’t get a description of the vehicle that hit it or which direction it was headed, and deputies didn’t find a vehicle with front end damage. The man said he got a quote for repairs.

It was $1,500.

Theft: A man reported April 5 that someone went into his South Bryan home and “took a rusty shotgun and two shower heads.” The owner was given a case number.

Fire: Deputies were dispatched April 7 to a Belfast River Road address “for a camper trailer that had exploded,” and when they got there found the fire truck putting out the fire. The man who lived in the camper told deputies he had the burner on the stove turned on to warm the trailer and clothes hanging up to dry.

“He went to sleep and when he woke up the clothes and trailer were on fire. He was unable to put the fire out.”

He was unharmed, the report said, but the trailer and all his personal belongings were destroyed.

Criminal trespass: Deputies were sent to a South Bryan address on April 6 because a man “was inside the residence destroying property.”

The complainant said the offender “came over and broke his wood table, glass table and a bowl containing his dinner.” The offender said the complainant “owed him money on the mobile home and ... would not pay him.”

The deputy saw the damage and that the offender was “extremely intoxicated,” and told him he couldn’t go into the man’s home and destroy property “to get the money that he believes he is owed.”

The man “did not seem to understand what was going on at this time. (The complainant) stated that he did not wish to prosecute at this time.” He did want the man to go and not come back until he’d sobered up. A deputy gave the offender a ride home.

The complainant got a case number.

Damage to property: A truck driver reported April 3 that he was headed east on I-16 behind another tractor trailer when a “2x4 piece of wood flew off (the trailer in front of him” and struck his windshield somewhere around mile marker 138.5 on Interstate 16,” the report said.

The deputy saw the damage to the windshield and “also observed the piece of 2x4 wood stuck between the top of the cab and its visor.”

The driver of the other truck corroborated the man’s story, the report said.

Criminal trespass: A deputy was called to a South Bryan address April 5 regarding a weird dispute between neighbors. A woman told the deputy that a pond separates her property from her neighbor’s, and he had started coming over and telling her “that her property was in violation of HOA regulations.”

The woman said the HOA president checked her property and told her it’s ok. But, she said her dog has gotten loose and the neighbor has brought it back and lectured her. She told the deputy she told the man not to go on her property.

Enter Facebook. The man started taking photos of her backyard from his backyard and posting the photos on Facebook showing supposed HOA violations. She also claims someone moved her kids’ minnow buckets from the backyard to her porch, and that the man took on old milk jug cut in half from a neighbor’s yard and put it in her mailbox.

“She knows (the man) did this, she has him on home security camera video,” the report said.

There’s more. The man complains about “lawn clippings and other items that end up in the pond that floats down to his property,” the report said.

There’s still more. Another woman claimed her kid’s paddle board was missing and thinks it could have been in the pond and floated down to the man’s property. She asked the deputy to see if he has it.

A deputy checked, but there was no answer and a neighbor said the man was at work.

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