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BCSO blotter: Man blames ‘mind control’ for threats

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

 Terroristic threats: A Pembroke man was arrested Sept. 5 after he allegedly threatened to shoot deputies who were responding to “what sounded like 4-5 shots from a rifle.”

After a standoff at a Bing Street address that involved a number of Pembroke PD officers and deputies, the man gave up and apologized, the report said.

“(He) made the comment that he was sorry for threatening to shoot at police,” and “blamed the threat on ‘mind control’ and said he feels like someone has taken control of his mind and programs his thoughts.” Authorities found a hand gun and rifle in the house. The man was taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah for a mental evaluation, then released and taken to jail.

Harassment: This reportedly occurred Sept. 5 at the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office in South Bryan, where a 39-year-old Richmond Hill man was first overheard by a deputy “talking through a speaker to a dispatcher,” and “saying he needed to speak with a certified communications person.” It got progressively weirder from there, as the deputy was asked to talk to the man because he “was talking in circles and was not making sense and would not listen.”

The man first asked the deputy if he “was a government certified communications specialist,” and then said “he needed someone certified in communications, such as numbers, letters and symbols because that’s how we all talk.”

When told he’d need to talk to the 911 director or assistant director, the man asked if the deputy “was certified to communicate with him using numbers, letters and symbols and that’s how he could identify if (the deputy) was a friendly, or a hostile, and the dispatcher was classified as hostile since he refused to help.”

The deputy said “all employees here were neutral,” which prompted the man to say “that was impossible he was non government and he was neutral and we were government employees and we were either hostile or friendlies,” the report said.

After a number of attempts to help the man he classified the deputy as a hostile and left. The man came back later and “kept trying to draw officers into an argument,” and said they “were under mind control from invaders that came along during the Greek times and had (them) under control by numbers, symbols and letters, and they were all tied into an invading army of zombies.”

Because the man refused to listen and kept going on about numbers and symbols, deputies cited the man for criminal trespass and told him to leave the sheriff’s department and not harass dispatchers.

The man returned yet again, so deputies called Bryan County EMS in to check him out, but “he refused to co-operate with EMS and started the same style of conversations. EMS said that they could not help him because he was not threatening himself or others.”

Ultimately deputies thought they got through to the man he shouldn’t call 911 or BCSO “with the same issues,” but “if he did have a new true emergency call them ….” The man evidently has a Youtube account where he posts videos of his interactions with law enforcement, the report noted.

Marijuana possession, weapons possession: A deputy on patrol Sept. 6 at a convenience store on Highway 17 around 8;14 p.m. Sept. 6 saw a man in a car “sleeping at the gas pumps,” and “upon contacting the subject … I observed an AR15 right by his leg and could smell the odor of fresh marijuana coming from the vehicle.”

The man admitted having four grams of marijuana in his front pocket, the report said, and was arrested. His pot and the AR15 were taken into evidence.

Theft: An Ellabell woman reported Sept. 1 a relative spent the night at her house on Aug. 31 and “now she is missing several items from her home,” a report said. What’s more, the man took her pickup without her permission, and when he brought it back “the catalytic converter was removed and a straight pipe put in its place.”

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