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BCSO Blotter: Man arrested for leaving scene of accident

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Hit and run: A deputy was sent Jan.17 to the Parkers on Highway 80 in Ellabell because of a 911 call from a man saying someone was trying to kill him. Once there, the deputy talked to the men and learned it was a dispute over one man’s backing into the other’s semi. When the man who backed his pickup into the semi offered to pay for the damage, the semi driver checked with his employer and learned he’d have to call police. This, he claimed, upset the man in the pickup, who “became verbally combative and began using racial slurs and cursing him,” and tried to drive away. The semi driver said he tried to block the man from driving off by standing on his rear bumper and holding the tailgate.

It didn’t work, the report said. “(The pickup driver) then accelerated, from the parking lot and onto the roadway, while he (the semi driver) was still on the vehicle. (The semi driver) stated that, after what he believed to be a quarter of a mile, (the pickup driver) did a U-turn and returned to Parkers where (the semi driver) got off of (the pickup).” Passengers in the pickup said much the same, apparently, because the owner was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.

Theft: Somebody stole 18 of 21 aluminum cable pulleys from a Georgia Power jobsite in Ellabell. The Jan. 15 report said workers were preparing to set up seven power poles in a new subdivision and left three pulleys, each one valued at about $110, at each power pole. When they came back Jan. 14 all but three of the pulleys were missing. The complainant said there were four-wheeler tracks “all around the area and around some of the poles,” but a search in the area for the pulleys came up empty. The deputy checked with local scrap yards and asked them to be on the lookout for the pulleys if anyone comes to sell them.

Theft: A South Bryan man reported Jan. 16 that “person(s) unknown removed the trim rings from his outside porch lights. This occurred some time in the past few weeks. The trim rings are square shaped and are light brown in color. The rings are used to enclose the opening around the light where t mounts to the side of the trailer,” the report said. The victim gave deputies a name, and said that man “told him one day that he (the man) was going to own his (the victim’s) property.”

There was no evidence at the scene, the report said.

Drugs, etc: An Atlanta man was arrested Jan. 16 in Ellabell on drug and weapons charges after his girlfriend called 911 to say she was being abused. Deputies arrived to find the man asleep on the couch, woke him up and eventually found what was suspected to be cocaine, crack, marijuana, as well as scales, small plastic bags, cell phones and a loaded handgun “with one in the chamber,” the report said. A check with dispatch showed the man was wanted in Cobb County and U.S. Marshals. He was arrested and taken to Bryan County Jail.

Criminal trespass: An Ellabell couple reported Jan.16 someone shot bullet holes in a trailer sitting behind their home. The wife said she was home doing laundry when she heard the shots, and thought they “had gone between her residence (and the residence to the left).”

The husband said even though he’d been trying to get rid of the trailer he wanted the incident documented.

Domestic: An Ellabell woman reported Jan. 18 that her husband “put hands on her during an argument,” and showed deputies a “small cut on her hand and advised it was (from her husband).” The report made it seem the wife was the instigator. The husband said she was harassing and belittling him. “He stated that the cut on her hand came from one of her 28 cats.”

Criminal trespass: An Ellabell man reported Jan. 19 that someone “buried a board in the dirt road at the entrance to his driveway. He advised that the board had numerous nails and screws sticking out from the top.

He said that the board was covered with dirt, but the nails and screws were pointing upward, above the dirt.”

The man said he ran over the board but it didn’t damage his tires. He gave deputies the name of a suspect who may have thought “he was the person that reported (the suspect) to code enforcement.

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