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BCSO blotter: Lord tells man to go to Michigan; Santa decoration deflated
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Missing person found: A man found sleeping in a pickup at a ride share in Black Creek on Dec. 23 told a deputy “he was reading the bible when the Lord told him to go to Michigan,” a report said.

The report said the man was originally from Michigan but was living in Gainesville. He told deputies he’d gotten stranded and was “waiting on his social security check to be loaded to his bank card before returning home,” the report continued, noting the man was listed as missing in Gainesville.

He told deputies he hadn’t had much to eat for the past three days, and deputies got him water and tried to give him food, “which he denied,” but allowed EMS to check him out.

The man’s father in Michigan had been trying to reach him. Deputies helped connect him with someone there who could reach his father, and the man told them “that he would likely be in the area until after Jan. 1, 2022, when his bank card would be reloaded with his Social Security check. He did state that he would likely be at the ride-share on US280 ninety percent of the time.”

Deputies suggested he move to the Love’s Truck stop “as it has better lighting, is open 24 hours, and would be easier to obtain gas for his vehicle in the event that he runs out before he returns home. (He) did appear to be in good spirits prior to deputies leaving the area.”

Unwanted customer: A deputy as sent Dec. 28 to the Love’s Travel Stop in Black Creek regarding a woman who “has been at the store all morning long harassing employees and customers about using the phone. (The complainant) explained that they have already allowed the suspect to use the phone several times and whenever they denied allowing her to use the phone again she became angry and wrote on a piece of paper, ‘All Evil Ones Must Die.’” The deputy talked to the woman, who said her car battery was dead and she was waiting on money to keep driving. The deputy asked why she wrote “all evil ones must die,” and was told they were song lyrics. It turned out the woman was wanted in Butler County, Ohio, but authorities there didn’t want to extradite her. The deputy jumped the woman’s car so she could keep traveling.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill woman went to the South Bryan Sheriff’s Office station Dec. 28 to report “for some unknown reason her neighbor … has been blaming her for an event that happened recently at Walmart in Savannah. (She) stated that (he) blames her for strange thoughts he has been having. (She) stated that on Monday morning she found her trash bins turned over and trash bags dumped out by her mailbox.”

She believed it was her neighbor and said “she does not understand why (he) has a fixation with her and she does not want him coming on her property anymore.”

She didn’t want to file charges, but wanted to make a report.

Copy money: A Pizza Hut driver reported Dec. 26 a woman on Daniel Siding Loop Road paid for a $52.54 order with “copy money,” in the form of three fake $20 bills.

The deputy went to the address the order was taken from, and was told by residents there they didn’t order anything, but they saw a woman and her son sitting in a pickup in front of their house. “The residents … stated that (the son) got out of the vehicle as (the delivery driver) pulled up with the order, payed the driver and left the scene with (his mother).”

The money was logged as evidence. The report noted “the same type of ‘copy money’ was passed at (a nearby Dollar General) a day or so prior.”

Vandalism: A Richmond Hill man reported Dec. 23 someone “ripped a large hole in his Santa Claus air decoration.”

The man said he was inside when “he heard a loud bang outside but assumed it was down the street. (He) stated he looked out a little later and noticed his yard decorations were laying down,” so he went outside to investigate and found the hole in Santa.

The man said he suspected kids were to blame, but “has no proof at this time.” He was given a case number and he asked for extra patrol.

DUI, etc: A deputy on Highway 280 around 1:51 a.m. Dec. 25 clocked a car heading east at about 74 mph and conducted a traffic stop near Wilma Edwards Road. The driver gave him “an expired Pennsylvania driver’s license and stated his new one was in the mail.”

While the deputy stood there at the driver’s side window he could smell alcohol and asked the man how much he’d had to drink and was told “a cup of wine.”

The deputy checked the man’s Pennsylvania license and learned it had been expired since 2018. He checked the man’s info through Georgia and found his license status was suspended.

He subsequently flunked a DUI test and was given a ride to Bryan County Jail. On the way, the deputy noted the man reeked of booze: “while sitting in (the deputy’s) patrol vehicle the smell of an alcoholic beverage consumed the interior.” Theft: A construction company owner in Savannah called BCSO on Christmas Eve to report he traced a excavator stolen in Chatham County back to a Richmond Hill address. It was found in an easement undamaged but someone had painted over the company’s decals. At some point witnesses said they understood the excavator was bought for $35,000 by some guy who was up in Tennessee at the time of the report.

The complainant was allowed to load it up and take it back with him since he had proof of ownership, but he also was asked to file a report with Chatham officials asap so they could get it sorted.

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