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BCSO blotter: Kids party, law called over birdbath
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Underage drinking: On Saturday deputies were sent to a Marshview Drive address in South Bryan regarding an “under age party,” according to a report.

There, deputies found about 15 teens, most of whom “had consumed alcohol and appeared to have smoked marijuana,” the report said, noting that deputies “had each teen call their parents and tell them what was going on, and request a ride.”

They then had the party’s host call his parents, who were out of town. “Deputies informed (the teen’s) parents of the illegal party taking place at their residence. (The teen) locked up the house before (the reporting deputy left), and closed the garage door.”
Deputies gave the kid a verbal warning for “maintaining a disorderly house and the other consequences of sponsoring an underage drinking/drug party in the future.”

Deputies also noted there was a strong odor of pot at the house, but “there were no illegal drugs found ….”


Matter of record: Around 7 p.m. Sunday a deputy was sent to a Sayle Road address because a man was “burning in his front yard,” a report said.

Before he got there, he was told the complainant had gone to get food for her husband, but saw “a group of men in the front yard (next door) burning wood and shrubbery and kept the fire contained in a barrel.”
The deputy then asked the man who lived there if he had a burn permit, and was told no. The deputy told the man he would have to have a burn permit and couldn’t burn after dark.

“(He) agreed to put the fire out and stated that in the future he would only do fires in the back yard,” the report said.

A half an hour later, the deputy was told the complainant still wanted to talk to him.  “She stated that she had been told by planning and zoning that he could not burn anything where he was currently burning,” and that “the Home Owner’s Association also had a rule against burning in the front yard due to the trees.”

The deputy told the woman the man had already put the fire out, but he would go back and “and talk to him about her claims, as well as request that he have his fires in the back yard.”

The deputy then went back to talk to the man, who claimed nobody from Bryan County had ever told him he couldn’t burn in the front yard. And when told that the neighbor said the HOA had a rule against front-yard burning, the man’s mother “denied this claim and stated that she had the bylaws.”

The deputy asked them to make sure “there was no rule against burning in the front yard” and told the man again that he would need a burn permit and wasn’t allowed to burn after dark. The man “stated he would comply.”

Duty to report an accident: A Waterford Landing man reported around 3 a.m. Sunday someone hit his pickup, damaging the front bumper.

“There was also a small puddle of blood on the ground in front of the truck on the driver’s side. I also observed debris on the road which included pieces of a golf cart’s windshield and a hazard light which had been detached from a golf cart.”

The owner said it had to have happened around 2 a.m., because he’d seen his pickup 20 minutes earlier when he left his house with a friend and it was undamaged. When he and the friend got home at 3 a.m. they discovered the damage.

The owner got a case card.

The deputy’s report next said that earlier that night there was a call at a Waterford Landing Road address “in regards to an alarm showing garage motion,” the report said.

Once the deputy got to that call, he “observed a man with a deep cut over his right eye (later identified as ….).”

The man claimed he’d entered the wrong code to his garage “and had fallen and cut his head. His wife then took him to the emergency room to be treated.”

While the man went to the emergency room, the deputy saw a damaged golf cart. It was missing golf cart parts that had been found at the other home.

Later that afternoon, the deputy followed up with a visit to the golf cart driver, who said he didn’t remember anything from the night before, but he had been hanging out with the pickup owner, etc., and since then they’d agreed by text messages to handle things without involving authorities.

“I observed that (the man) had received stitches for the cut to his head, and that the two toes on the outside of his left foot had started to develop scabs,” the deputy reported. He also double checked with the pickup owner, who confirmed they had decided to handle it themselves, “but wanted to find out if the Sheriff’s Office would still press charges if (the golf cart man) decided to back out of their deal.”
The deputy told him at this point he’d need to see the magistrate judge if he wanted to press charges.


Aggravated assault: Deputies were sent to an Old Cuyler Road address around 2:20 a.m. Sunday “in reference to a person being shot at.”

There, and the report gets convoluted, the reporting deputy spoke to a man who said at some point a woman picked up a man from the Parker’s in Blitchton and when they got to the Old Cuyler Road address, another man showed up in his own vehicle and the man who’d been picked up in Blitchton at the Parker’s stayed when the woman left, and then got mad and “started to yell and say he was going to beat everyone up,” including the complainant’s father, “and then said ‘if he could not do it he had this,’ and pulled out a semi-auto handgun,” the report said.

At this point, both the complainant and the man who drove there on his own tried to get the man who pulled out the gun to leave, but “at that time (he) pointed the gun at him and fired one round.”

The man then got into the pickup with the man who showed up on his own and they left.

The woman who’d brought him there said the man did so because her son called her and told her he got into a fight and needed a ride, so she went and got him and took him to Ellabell. She said he appeared to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but she didn’t see him fire the shot because she went over to a friend’s house to watch a movie.

Deputies looked for evidence of the shot being fired and the man who shot it, but had no luck.


Matter of record: An Ellabell complainant called BCSO on Sunday to report a “sub tenant of the property owned by the complainant had removed a yard ornament (a concrete bird bath) from the property owned by the complainant. Complainant stated that (the man) had given the yard ornament to a neighbor across the road from the residence without permission from the owner. Contact was made with the neighbor by the complainant and the neighbor returned the yard ornament. The complainant did not want to file any charges but did want a report filed in case any other items were removed from the residence at a later date. The complainant stated that the tenants would be moving out of the residence in November.”



Extortion: A South Bryan woman reported Sept. 17 she and a male acquaintance “had shared pictures on a personal level,” through various apps in February, and in April he started asking her “to get loans in her name for his company,” a report said.

The woman said she refused, and in July the man started threatening to send the photos to her friends, family and coworkers if she didn’t send him a certain amount in BIT coins. The woman said he “told her she did not know what he could do to her,” and sent some photos to her son.

The woman said she hired a digital forensics person to track the man and learn more, and was told she’d need a police report. She got one.


Drug possession: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 11:30 a.m. Sept. 18 regarding a man sitting under a carport. The man told deputies he was waiting on the people who lived there, but a resident said the man was not welcome and “has been known to be a thief and use drugs,” the report said.

The man consented to a search and deputies found he was carrying meth and a glass pipe. He was charged, etc.


Theft by taking: A Richmond Hill woman reported Sept. 17 morning that she went outside to start her car and went back inside, leaving it running.
“When she came back outside an unknown person was in her vehicle backing it out of the yard,” the report said.

Then, it was over.

“The unknown person backed into a fire hydrant that is in her yard. The unknown person then exited the vehicle and ran into the woods,” according to the report.

The woman described the man as “a male wearing dark clothing.”

She’d already moved her car when deputies arrived, but there was “damage to the trunk lid and bumper area from the low speed impact with the fire hydrant,” the report added. “The fire hydrant was not damaged.”

Deputies searched the area but came up empty.





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