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BCSO blotter: Keep an eye on your property
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports.

Entering autos: At least 7 reports of thieves entering autos and taking items were reported in Strathy Hall, Buckhead East and Lake Lily Townhomes in South Bryan on the night of Jan. 19. BCSO is investigating. In one case a victim found a GoPro camera in his vehicle that may have been left behind.

DUI Drugs: A deputy responded around 3:43 am. Jan. 23 to a report on Highway 280 of a vehicle “whose hood flew off and was in the roadway.”

There, the deputy met the driver, who said he was taking his Ford Mustang to an auto body shop. The man was “talking to himself, flailing his arms around” and was unsteady. The deputy asked what happened and the man said “the hood of his vehicle came off and struck the windshield causing the damage.”

The man was “unable to stand still and kept trying to walk into the lane of travel,” and he slurred.

The deputy asked him why “he was going to the auto body shop at 4 in the morning and he stated, ‘just dropped home girl off.’” The man had recently moved from Bryan County to Claxton and “advised he wanted to see where the body shop was but he had no gas and wanted to know if two dollars was enough to get him to Claxton.”

The deputy asked the man to take field sobriety tests. “(He) was unhappy … but did agree to them.” The man flunked. He was taken to jail.

Theft: A man reported Jan. 23 a trailer he bought on Facebook from an Ellabell man for $1,800 turned out to be stolen.

The man who sold it to him was is in jail. The trailer was impounded by Richmond Hill Police.

Damage to property: Deputies were called Jan. 24 to a Mockingbird Lane address where smoke was coming from under a mobile home. When they arrived Bryan County Fire and EMS was already there, and the “residence was fully involved.”

The mobile home was being renovated. The owner said she heard her breaker pop and “flipped the switch on the breaker box and she heard zapping noises and started smelling smoke.” Witnesses said they pulled skirting from around the home, saw “smoke and flames,” and then used a water hose to try and put out the fire but were unsuccessful. The structure was completely damaged, the report said. No one was injured.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to I-95 near Highway 17 around 3:15 p.m. Jan. 24 regarding an accident.

There, they learned a tire had bounced “out of a 1996 Ford truck” and hit a white Chrysler 300, damaging the bumper. While getting driver information the deputy learned the owner of the truck was wanted in Hinesville for failure to appear in court.

The man was taken to the Fleming Farmer’s Market to get picked up with a Hinesville police officer.

He was first cited for unsecured load.

Everybody got a case number.

Fire: Deputies were sent to a Ridge Road address around 7:30 a.m. Jan. 21 “in reference to a hot water heater on fire in a residence.” Bryan County Fire and EMS had already put the fire out when the deputy arrived.

No one was injured.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a Dunham Marsh address around 3:42 a.m. Jan. 20 “in reference to two individuals being locked out of a house.”

There, they spoke to a man and woman who “had been drinking.

The female said that her mother had locked them out of the house and would not let them in.”

Deputies spoke to the mother, who told deputies “they stay there only when they work late and she had ruled they have to be there by midnight and no drinking. She said they were drunk and drove there that way.”

The man and woman claimed they “only had drinks after they got there and no one would admit to driving. It was agreed the two would sleep in their car because they didn’t want to wake up the 14 year old in the house and make any more disturbances.”

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a Buckhead address around 4:08 a.m. Jan. 20 regarding a domestic dispute.

“Both person advised the arguing began because the male half had been drinking and found what he thought to be text messages from other men.” Both said there was no fighting, “just a lot of yelling and them throwing beer at each other.”

There were children in the home, but they didn’t see the argument. The man was given a ride to a motel in Richmond Hill for the night.

Traffic and drug offenses: A deputy on I-95 around 5:30 p.m. Jan. 21 spotted a Harley going over 100 mph, weaving in and out of traffic and driving on the shoulder of the road, and it got up to speeds faster than 123 mph before getting off on Highway 17. There the biker was surrounded by deputies and RHPD officers and arrested. The man’s tires were shot and his eyes were described as watery, constricted and bloodshot, his complexion as waxy and sweaty and he was grinding his teeth. The man was taken to jail. On the way, he said he used meth earlier. He was turned over to jail staff, but not before he was cited for more than 20 offenses.

Aid to other agency: A deputy was sent to a North Bryan address around 1:13 a.m. “in reference to a subject shooting at another subject, which occurred on the Talmadge Bridge in Savannah.”

There, the victim told the deputy they were leaving a strip club in Savannah when his “buddy” told him to get out of his truck, then “stopped at the top of the Talmadge Bridge (and the suspect) shot four shotgun rounds at him.”

The man said he took the gun from his buddy and jumped in the bed of the truck, then jumped out of the truck bed on I-16 and “called his granddaddy to pick him up.” The man said the argument started over money.

A witness said he was in the strip club when a bouncer told him his “buddies were outside fighting,” and when he went out everyone got into the truck to leave. He said he tried to take the shotgun away from the suspect but then got into the truck, etc.

Warrant: Deputies were sent Jan. 17 to the Bryan County Board of Education bus depot on Industrial Boulevard in Pembroke around 2 p.m.

Jan. 17 to arrest a 40-yearold woman for simple battery and disrupting a public school. Administrators at the BOE had warrants for her arrest.

The woman went peacefully.

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