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BCSO blotter: Hammer wielding man yells at couple
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Matter of record: A husband and wife told deputies Sept 3 “they were confronted by an unknown white male that brandished a hammer at them while shouting accusations that didn’t make sense.”

The wife said she was stopped at the light at the intersection of highways 17 and 144 when the man “tapped and on her window and yelled ‘it should have been a K.’ (She) stated that this frightened her and she didn’t know what he meant by the statement.”

The woman told BCSO the man then got back in his vehicle and they both began heading east on 144, and he “began screaming at her and giving her the ‘middle finger’ as they drove down Highway 144. She said she was able to get behind the man’s SUV and get hjis tag number.

She then pulled onto McRae Drive to meet her husband, and the man pulled “up to the two of them and exited his vehicle with a hammer,” and “again began making comments that didn’t make any sense and then drove away.”

The woman was given a case number and told how to get a warrant. Deputies said the man may have mental issues since he “spoke to them with the same type of nonsensible statements.”

Suspicious incident: A man reported Sept. 5 someone was “videotaping the complainant’s daughter.” The man said his daughter was outside when a silver pickup drove by, “then his daughter starts running to the house and goes inside stating the driver was recording her.” The pickup then pulled into the driveway and backed out. “This was captured on cameras at (the complainant’s home).”

The man said he then “got into his truck and started looking for the truck,” and found it in a trailer park. There, a man came out and when asked about the video “stated he did video tape the girl but her had every right to do so,” so the girl’s father called 9-1-1.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported Sept. 5 that “he believed an unknown number of juveniles had been both throwing water balloons at the front door of the residence and ringing the doorbell and running off.”

The man said a neighbor texted him and told him “the juveniles were watching from a nearby bush when he left the residence to confront them,” and that it had been going on since Sept. 3.

A deputy saw “an empty balloon” near the front door, the report said.

Criminal trespass; A South Bryan woman who said “she lives in a very isolated area,” reported Sept. 2 she had video of a trespasser on her front porch. She said it happened around 1:37 a.m. when a woman walked on to her front porch, “and then turn around and walk off. “(Complainant) stated in the video the woman appears to be older (50) with white, grey, or blond long hair, medium to stocky build, with a tattoo on her leg. She stated when she left the porch, there appeared to be a dog following her.” The woman said she hasn’t noticed anything missing but wanted to report it in case she did find something had been taken or if someone else in the area did.

DUI – drugs, more: A motorist made a U-turn in front of a deputy around 8:28 p.m. on Highway 17 north near the I-95 exit, and a second deputy pulled the driver over. She handed over a Florida license and had dilated pupils, according to the report, but claimed she was on a lunch break from a truck stop .She was asked to take a sobriety test and failed. The woman admitted she had meth and marijuana in her shirt, and “admitted later to being under the influence of methamphetamines.”

She was arrested, etc.

DUI, open container, etc; A deputy was sent to I-16 west near the 143 mile marker on Sept. 1 “for a vehicle that went off the roadway into the ditch.” The driver said “she hydroplaned and went off the roadway,” and the deputy noted the Honda Accord was in standing water and “the muffler and front bumper was detached from the car.”

The vehicle wasn’t insured and there were “several empty cans of White Claws (an alcoholic beverage) in the vehicle as well as a can in the driver’s side door.” The woman, who was described as “extremely nervous” and with “glossy eyes’ flunked her field sobriety test and was charged with DUI.

DUI, etc: A deputy was on routine patrol around 2:40 a.m. Sept. 3 when he saw a westbound car cross the fog line on Highway 280 twice. The deputy pulled the driver over around at the Love’s truck stop

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