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BCSO Blotter: Half-naked man seen running on highway
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

The following are reports from the Bryan County Sheriff's Office.

Mental health transport: Deputies were called by someone with an Ellabell address around 11 p.m. Tuesday claiming “a man had just left his vehicle in the middle of the road and took off running.”

The first deputy to arrive found the car on Arden Loop Road, and called for a tow truck. Another deputy was driving on Highway 204 when he “observed a white male running down the middle of the highway only in his boxers,” the incident report said. “The male was not moving out of the way of oncoming traffic.” That deputy yelled at the man to get out of the road but “he continued jogging down the center line.”

Deputies then stopped the man, who “appeared to be zoned out,” and “under the influence of something,” the report said, and had to be put in handcuffs. He was sweating a great deal and breathing heavily.

Deputies found the man’s ID and clothing near Redbug Road and “a small bag of dried brown plant-like substance … (that) looked like marijuana but did not have the odor of marijuana.”

EMS was called and had to do CPR before the man would respond, but ultimately told the deputy the man was alert and didn’t need to go to the hospital.

The man signed a paper saying he refused to go to the hospital and “as soon as EMS released the subject he went to dart out in front of traffic without looking.”

The man then resisted help from deputies before collapsing as if he was having a seizure. “When he opened his eyes he was asking if he could go home,” and the man also told deputies “he had a wife and kids and just wanted to be a good daddy.”

The man was taken to Memorial Medical Center “for a mental evaluation and to make sure that whatever he had taken was not a threat to his health.”

Kitten incident: From a Nov. 4 report comes this narrative. “While at the Bryan County Administrative Building, Deputy Atwood received information about a kitten being stuck in the sewer system. Deputy Atwood made contact with animal control about getting the kitten out of the sewer piping. Upon Animal Control’s arrival, Deputy Atwood as well as two personnel with the Bryan County Public Works Department attempted to save the kitten from the semi-full water drain piping.”

A space, then another paragraph followed: “Fearing the inclement weather approaching, everyone worked together endlessly to remove the kitten from the sewer system. The kitten was finally saved and transported to the Bryan County Animal Control facility.”

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