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BCSO Blotter: Generator stolen from Board of Commissioners
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From the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office Incident Reports:

November 16 

DUI less safe; impeding the flow of traffic Man charged with DUI Less Safe (alcohol) and impeding the flow of traffic on I-95 Southbound.

November 17 

Verbal dispute Couple has an argument over text messages received from a third party, potentially indicating an affair. Both individuals agreed to “give each other some rest” and “sort things out later” Driving while license suspended or revoked Man stopped on Hwy 280, arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Burglary: 1st Degree (felony)

Handyman doing work on someone’s house reports 2 ceiling fans, 2 toilet tank lids, and 1 door stolen. Value upwards of $500 for the stolen items.

Theft by taking: felony

A man informs deputies that a generator belonging to the Bryan County Board of Commissioners was stolen from Hendrix Park in Ellabell. The generator was stolen off a trailer that also belonged to the Board of Commissioners. The trailer was parked between the baseball fields. The generator was chained to the tongue of the trailer and the chain had been cut.

Harassment: phone calls

Man reports a caller that wants to “kick his butt” and that his son “better be careful”.

DUI: less safe (alcohol), failure to maintain lane, impeding the flow of traffic, driver to exercise due care Man stopped on I-16 Westbound for DUI: less safe (alcohol), failure to maintain lane, impeding the flow of traffic, driver to exercise due care.

Theft by taking: felony A rented forklift and welding screen material was reported stolen from the Mega-Site. Stolen goods worth in excess of $20,000 in total.

Warrant executed

Warrant executed for a woman’s arrest on account of Terroristic Threats.

Suspicious incident

Two unknown males disposed of trash in a man’s yard without permission.

Civil matter

Argument between roommates, one individual alleges that he and his son were being kicked out of the apartment.

Warrant executed

Warrant executed for a woman’s arrest on Hwy 280 out of Hinesville Police Department.

November 18 

Civil matter A woman reports that her landlord shut off the power to her property and wants her evicted.

Reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, speeding in excess of maximum limits Man stopped on traffic stop (Hwy 204) for speeding (85 MPH in a 55 MPH zone), failure to maintain lane, reckless driving.

Matter of record: animal complaint While on a walk, a man’s dog was being attacked by another person’s dog.

Matter of record: firearm requested to be removed from premises Man discovers a firearm in his roommate’s belongings. Man tells the deputy that he and his roommates are both felons. Weapon was placed into property and evidence.

DUI less safe (alcohol)

Woman charged with DUI Less Safe (alcohol) near 444 Tattoos on GA25.

DUI less safe (alcohol), no driver’s license/unlicensed operator, impeding the flow of traffic, failure to maintain lane Man arrested On Hwy 280 at Pevey Rd for above charges.

November 19

 DUI less safe (alcohol) Man arrested on Hwy 17 near Richmond Hill Car Wash.

Expired registration, driving while license suspended or revoked Man arrested on Hwy 280 / N.College St. for above charges.

Domestic Dispute

Woman says that her boyfriend was physically threatening her. The two were having an argument, she said. Events calmed down however, and a report was filed.

November 20

 No Driver’s License/Unlicensed Operator

Man involved in wreck on US-280 & Olive Branch Rd. was found and arrested for driving without a license.

Missing Person Man makes a missing person report for his homeless son States that he has not seen his son “in months” and that the last time he saw his son was at a booking in the Bryan County Jail in June 2023. Officer confirms that the son was booked at the time, but was released soon after. The son does have an active warrant arrest dated Oct. 26, 2023 for probation violation.

Damage to Property

Man reports to officers that debris from a dump truck (a rock) hit and cracked his windshield.

Warrant Executed

Man involved in a car wreck near Crosswind Dr. at Hwy 144, Buckhead North was also found with a warrant for his arrest (Larceny-Theft by Shoplifting) from the Pooler Police Department.

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