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BCSO blotter: First a rifle, then a flamethrower?
Complaint raised about man firing weapons at neighborhood pier
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Reckless conduct: A deputy was sent to a Waterford Landing address July 18 regarding a man who first shot firearms off a pier into the water and marsh, then three nights later came back with a group of friends and “used a flamethrower at the end of the pier.” The deputy was shown videos of the man, who the complainant said “had caused problems in the neighborhood before.”

The first video, “which is 1 minute and 32 seconds long,” shows several people in golf carts gather at the pier, then a “white male in dark clothing begins walking from the golf carts to the pier carrying what appears to be a rifle in his right arm, with it pointing upwards.” The man went to the end of the pier and fired several shots into the water, then gave a “’high-five’’ to a female subject on the pier before shooting the rifle into the water for the final time.” The second video, which runs for 3 minutes and 37 seconds, golf carts again gather at the pier, and after 96 seconds “a bright light emits from the dock portion of the pier that would fluctuate several times for approximately 30 seconds.” From the video, the deputy couldn’t tell what was being fired, but “the photograph attached to this report … show what appears to be burnt wood from the wooden deck.”

The complainant, who contacted deputies on behalf of another resident, got a case number, etc.

Road rage: Authorities put out a BOLO – that’s a “be on the lookout” – for a car around 1 p.m. Saturday after two people said a passenger lost his mind, threw a bottle at another car and then drew a gun, pointing at another driver before eventually driving off.

The witness told deputies she saw the suspect vehicle “brake check” and slow down in front of another vehicle on Highway 17 North, then, when that vehicle went around, chased it into Richmond Hill.

The victim said she was headed north on 17 and passed both the subject’s car and the witness’ car when ‘the vehicle sped up and got beside her and it was a man and woman in the vehicle,” then wouldn’t let her pass. “She said when she got beside the male on the passenger side, he was shooting her the middle finger and yelling and cussing her. She said at one point he threw a bottle out the window striking her vehicle in the driver’s side door putting a large dent just in front of the door handle.”

The woman said when she sped up the man “pulled out a gun and pointed at her,” so she sped up and went to the Raceway gas station on 17, where both the suspect’s vehicle and the witness vehicle pulled in behind her.

“She said the male got out yelling, screaming and cussing at her. She said he looked around and saw everyone staring at him and got in the vehicle and they got on I-95 N headed toward Savannah.”

Both women got case numbers. There was no description of the man in the report, but it noted authorities were on the lookout for the car.

Trespassing: An Ellabell man reported July 12 a house he owned was supposed to be vacant, but it wasn’t.

“(He) advised he came to check on the house due to neighbors calling him and complaining. When (he) arrived at the location, he located four adults and an infant living in his house.”

The deputy spoke to the adults, and one said “that a guy she knows as ‘big man’ allowed her to live there, and she paid him $1,500 to stay in the home. (She) advised that the lights and water were on already when she got to the location.”

The deputy told her “the actual owner wanted them out of the house and stayed at the location until they moved out.” The owner changed the locks and locked up, the report said.

Felon in possession of firearm: A traffic stop for speeding around 1 a.m. June 17 on Highway 204 led to the arrest of a 26-year-old Ellabell man wanted by “multiple agencies and considered “armed and dangerous.”

A deputy clocked the car at 70 mph on 204 and pulled it over. He noted the driver, a woman, seemed nervous and neither she nor her passenger, the wanted man, were wearing a seatbelt. When the deputy discovered the passenger was wanted he called for backup.

During a search, deputies found a handgun holster in the passenger floorboard and a Taurus .38 Special in a backup, both of which the man said were his. Rounds were also found in the backpack, and the man admitted to being a convicted felon as well, the report said.

The man was taken to jail. 

Obstruction: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address July 15 regarding a man who “had been hallucinating and speaking about ‘suicide by cop.’” There, they met the man’s father, who said his 34-year-old son “is in his bedroom acting strange by yelling and talking crazy,” and that if he saw deputies “then he will probably run.”

The son tried, got Tased, then handcuffed and treated by EMS before he was taken to Memorial Hospital for evaluation. Entering auto: A man reported July 16 he was fishing on the Tivoli River docks when someone went into his pickup and stole his wallet. Several credit cards and some cash were taken, along with the man’s driver’s license and military ID. Not long after the theft the man got emails his cards were being used at the Ogeechee Road Walmart on Highway 17 in Savannah.

In all, four of the man’s credit cards were used to buy $500 gift cards. In a probably related incident, a woman at a Buckhead pool reported someone busted out the driver’s side rear window of her vehicle and took her purse, which had inside it her debit card, driver’s license, etc. The woman said she got notice someone tried to use her debit card to make a $512 purchase at the same Walmart.

A check of pool video saw a black SUV pull in beside the woman’s car. Other video showed the car was a Chevy Traverse with North Carolina tags, and store video showed two Black males “wearing surgical masks and hoodies but no clear face shots.” The report noted there were a handful of other reports of entering auto and noted “all of these calls came after the city and county units had been busy with a funeral escort ….”

Public drunk: A deputy was dispatched to an Ellabell address around 8:30 p.m. July 15 for a domestic.

There, he found a man sitting on top of another man, holding his hands behind his back. The man being restrained, a 25-yearold, reportedly was cutting himself and trying to fight, so the deputy cuffed him, walked him over to a patrol car, and took the cuffs off.

“(He) admitted that he cut himself and stated that he wanted to hurt himself but wasn’t going to,” so the deputy called for EMS and recommended the man get help. But, when the man’s mother and stepdad showed up, the man “started yelling again and cursing at his mom.” It was because of a girl, the man said.

“(He) admitted to drinking tonight because his girlfriend cheated on him and stated that this was why he wanted to hurt himself,” and he “refused EMS and continued to yell and curse at people,” before asking for a breath test. He blew a .157. He was arrested for public drunk and taken to jail.

Criminal trespass: A deputy was sent around 7 p.m. July 15 to a fight at the Zip-In on Highway 204, where he spoke to a man “who advised he was walking down Black Creek Church Road when a white male asked about getting some marijuana. (The man) advised that he said something to the female at the location,” and “the male subject came to the Zip-In, pushed him into the wall, held him there, and told him not to speak to his family.”

The deputy watched video of the incident and saw it happen, but there wasn’t any sound. He then saw the “the male subject leaving the store with (the the man who got pushed) taking off his shirt and following him out of the store in a fighting manner.” The two men started fighting outside, but when the deputy got here the man who did the pushing was gone. The man still there was banned from the store.

Assist EMS: A deputy was sent around 8:30 a.m. July 16 to a Richmond Hill address regarding “a man that had fallen and was laying in his driveway. Upon arrival it was a subject that had back surgery and had fallen and could not get up,” the deputy reported. “Myself and the battalion chief got the subject’s motorized wheelchair out of the back of his vehicle and other fire units assisted him into the chair.”

Trespassing: Deputies stopped at a convenience store on Highway 17 around 1:30 p.m. July 17 to take an accident report were asked by the store clerk to come into the store because she “was having a problem.” The problem was a 39-year-old man who “cussed the clerk and a customer (and then) went and locked himself in the store bathroom.’ The deputies got the bathroom key from the clerk and “removed the person from the bathroom and he was advised not to return to the store or he would go to jail.” He left.

Harassment; A Richmond Hill man reported July 16 that his neighbor was harassing him.

“According to (complainant), (the neighbor) entered his back yard and began to verbally harass him. (Complainant) stated (neighbor) started making provoking noise’s directed toward him. According to (complainant), (neighbor) also stated ‘wait until you get your next HOA letter, you’re really going to be pissed off,” the report said.

The complainant also said his neighbor told him “‘you’re getting kicked out of your house in six months.’” The complainant said his neighbor is constantly trying to provoke and harass him and his family. He said he’s hired an attorney because of it, but wanted to document the incidents.

Deposit account fraud: A Pembroke man reported July 15 “for the past month he has not been receiving any mail at the paint and body shop he owns,” and reported he was missing checks totaling $6,805.49. He had his suspicions on who was responsible, and told deputies. The case is under investigation.

Counterfeiting: A woman reported July 12 two men tried to pass fake $20s at the Piggly Wiggly in Black Creek. An employee got a photo of the men and got the “make, model, and tag number of the vehicle they were driving,” and it was traced to a Bryan County address.

Illegal donuts: An Ellabell woman reported July 12 “a white male driving a newer model black in color four door truck pulled into her yard and spun around doing donuts in the middle of her front yard.” She did not know who the driver was. The deputy observed the donuts and gave the woman a case number.

Battery: A man doing construction work at the intersection of Belfast River Road and Highway 144 said July 13 he was attacked by a co-worker for asking to use a brick cutter. The man, who spoke through an interpreter, said he asked to use the tool, was told no and “then tried to take the tool at which point (the other worker) attacked him,” punching him several times in the face and causing him to fall down. The man said the other worker then got on top of him and continued to hit him until someone pulled the man off. He was taken to Memorial for treatment, and was told he had a concussion. A deputy noted the man had obviously been attacked, and he was given a case card, etc.

Affray: Deputies were sent to King’s Ferry RV park around 9:30 p.m. July 13 regarding “a domestic in progress.’ There, they found a father and son duo who apparently got into a scrap over making food, though neither was sure what started it.

Both men were under the influence, and it was discovered the son had warrants out of Indiana, but “a hold was not requested by the issuing department.” The deputy explained how warrants were taken out in Georgia and the two men went to separate residences. Unruly juvenile: A deputy was sent July 18 to an Ellabell address regarding an “unruly 8-year-old male juvenile.” When he arrived he heard screaming and was led to the boy’s bedroom to meet the boy, who was “screaming ‘I don’t want to go,’” the report said. The deputy said he calmed the boy down, and another deputy showed up to take the boy outside while the first deputy talked to the mother. She said “her son had previously punched her in the eye causing her eye to be blackened. On today’s date her son kept throwing things causing damage to the bedroom wall and told her that he would get a knife and kill her. (She) further explained that her son has an appointment later this morning with his regular pediatrician.”

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