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BCSO blotter: Fight on side of I-16, gun pulled at funeral, Uber driver
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Domestic dispute: A deputy was sent to I-16 west around 12:40 p.m. March 14 “in reference to two individuals fighting on the side of the interstate.”

There, the deputy found that the two “individuals had separated and appeared to be looking around in a ditch.” He then spoke to one of the men, who “had a ripped shirt.”

The man “stated him and his husband … were arguing about going back to Macon. He then pulled over and exited the vehicle. (He) stated once he the vehicle, (his husband) exited the passenger side and they started fighting over the keys to the vehicle. During the entanglement the keys were misplaced. The two began searching for keys at that time.”

The car had locked, in the meantime, so the men couldn’t get back in the car. The deputy helped the men contact OnStar and they got the vehicle unlocked and found a spare.

“Both individuals stated they were homeless at the time and under a lot of stress and were having a disagreement about going back to Macon,” the deputy noted. “Both individuals were mediated and sent on their way.”

Matter of record: A deputy was sent March 13 to a South Bryan cemetery “in reference to a possible domestic dispute.” There, he talked with a number of people who said the dispute began after a man’s mother wanted to see her children and was invited to a memorial service. Afterwards, the man and the complainant got into an argument, and his mother pulled a gun on her “and was going to shoot her,” but her son pulled the gun away, the report said, noting it was unclear why the argument began.

The man gave the gun back to his mother, and she left. But, a gun was found in a van driven by another man.

Witnesses also told the deputy the firearm “fell on the ground during the scuffle between (the complainant and the son), but they don’t know who was in possession of it originally.”

The incident report said at one point the complainant and the man tried to “take each other’s cell phone,” and that “all these acts occurred in two juveniles under the age of 3.” There were no injuries and the complainant and the man agreed to stay away from each other during the night.

Matter of record: A Buckhead East couple reported an Uber driver for aggressive driving. The couple said they were driving home March 10 when “they observed a male driving a small sedan following their vehicle too closely, moments later bypassing them in traffic and ‘cutting them off’ prior to turning into the subdivision.”

The couple got a tag number and as they got close to home saw the car again.

“The (couple) stated they attempted to make contact, to remind the driver he’s in a residential neighborhood and keep in mind children play in this area … they exited their vehicle at which time the ‘uber driver’ did also and stated ‘I don’t know (bleep) your problem is’ and proceeded to make his delivery.”

The couple made the police report “due to constant issues in the area with speeding and reckless drivers,” the report said.

Littering, alcohol possession on public school: A deputy patrolling Warren Hill Road near Frances Meeks and Richmond Hill Middle School around 12:30 p.m. March 12 “observed multiple alcoholic beverage cans, bottles and alcoholic boxes on the side of the roadway,” the report said, noting most were White Claw or Truly Hard Selzer’s.

Most had recently been “disposed of,” some still contained alcohol and all, more than 100, were picked up and thrown away at BCSO. “The school resource officer and night shift will be advised.”

Disorderly conduct: A man living in the Commons called BCSO around 10:30 p.m. March 14 because his neighbor’s “lights are shining onto his property.”

The complainant said a neighbor’s flood lights are too bright, shine onto his property, “causing a nuisance at night and disturbing his family’s sleep.”

While the deputy was at the complainant’s house the flood lights were turned off. He gave the complainant a case number. DUI, no license, etc: A deputy running radar on I-95 south around 7 p.m. March 10 clocked a Fiat with Florida tags doing 91 mph on wet roads with and attempted to pull it over. Instead, the driver got off on Highway 17 north, ran a red light and then turned onto Harris Trail. The deputy did what’s called a PIT maneuver – using his car to cause the other car to lose control – “causing (the car) to spin clockwise into the east bound ditch.”

The driver tried to drive away but was stuck in the mud, then fought the deputy before he could be taken into custody.

The report said the man “reeked of alcoholic beverages” and it turns out his license was suspended. He was arrested and faces a list of charges.

Burglary: An Ellabell man reported March 6 that while he was at work “someone kicked in his door to his residence and stole his clothes.”

The man said his brother was in a halfway house and needed some clothes, and sent and sent a woman to his house to get some clothing.

“(He) stated not only did she not get the right clothes, she kicked in his door,” the report said, adding that the man wants to press charges.

Matter of record: An Ellabell woman reported March 7 that 18-wheelers were speeding down her dirt road and running a stop sign. The deputy stopped a dump truck from a construction company and “asked the driver to tell the other drivers he works with to stop at the sign and slow down.” He also reached out to Fort Stewart authorities asking them to talk to a foreman on a nearby job site about the issue.

The deputy also noted there were “big ruts in the road making the road difficult to drive on,” and passed that information to public works.

Domestic dispute: A deputy was sent to a North Bryan address on March 7 where a man told him he was “’on the phone trying to get someone to come get my dog because I’m going to jail,’” a report said. The deputy asked the man why he was going to jail and he said “’because I pushed her, and I’m tired of her throwing things at me.’” The report noted the man has one leg and is in a wheel chair. The deputy then talked to “the other half ” and she said the man was “running his mouth calling me awful things and I threw my phone at him.”

The deputy noted he “was familiar with both parties and their childish spat.” He said he told them he had enough probable cause to arrest them both but “based on both their physical ailments, I was not inclined to do that.”

The man said he was going to start eviction proceedings on the woman, and the deputy said “it would behoove both of them to handle their differences in a different manner.”

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