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BCSO blotter: Felons pass out on the job
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

DUI, theft, open container, etc: A deputy was sent to a Frank Edwards Drive address around 9 a.m. Nov. 10 regarding an SUV parked on the sidewalk with “two white males wearing camo passed out in it.”

The passenger got out as the deputy pulled up and said he was there because the car broke down, then later said he was just walking by and didn’t know anything about the vehicle. The man had slurred speech and was “very unstable on his feet and nearly fell several times.”

The deputy took a look inside the vehicle and “saw that it was full of car radios, power tools and a catalytic converter was laying on the floorboard of the front passenger seat.”

The deputy also saw “an open beer can on the dashboard on the passenger side and an open beer bottle in the driver’s cup holder,” the report said, noting the driver “was still passed out behind the wheel with the keys in the ignition.”

The deputy tried to wake the driver up by knocking on the window, but instead had to open the driver’s side door, “which nearly caused the driver to fall out of the vehicle.”

When he stood, the man smelled strongly of alcohol, and told the deputy he didn’t have a license and that his buddy had been driving.

He did claim ownership of the vehicle and “everything in the vehicle was his,” etc.

The deputy then spotted a rifle in the vehicle and took it out, and “both occupants denied knowing (it) was there.” A check of the rifle’s serial number showed it had been reported stolen in Pembroke on Oct. 10, 2016.

A check on the two men showed both were convicted felons. What’s more, the driver was wanted in Effingham County and had a suspended license. Ultimately, both men were taken back to jail.

Matter of record: A Waterways resident reported Oct. 10 “someone wrote the letters PL on the front three windows of her residence. She is not sure who did this, or exactly when this was done.”

No other damage was done, and no other information was available, the report said.

Damage to property: A deputy responded to an accident on I-16 around 7:20 p.m. Nov. 13 and “came into contact with the vehicle, a Kia Optima K5,” a report said. The deputy noted “it appeared that something came down the Interstate and made contact with the vehicle, denting the hood, breaking the front windshield and sunroof ….”

The owner said she wasn’t sure what hit her car, but she wasn’t injured. The car couldn’t be driven, so a towtruck was called. The woman was given a ride to Bryan County Jail to wait on a lift.

Matter of record: An Oak Hill Road resident called 911 on the night of Nov. 14 to report a man “who knocked on the caller’s door and then started walking around the front yard.”

A deputy found the man walking on Sgt. Michael Larson Drive. He “appeared confused but was able to hold a normal conversation,” according to the report, but was also “unable to provide an address, or phone number so that I could assist in getting him home.”

“The subject advised that he was exhausted and cold,” and agreed to be checked out by EMS.

“EMS arrived on scene, evaluated the subject, and cleared him medically after he advised he did not wish to be transported to the hospital,” the report continued, adding that the man asked to be taken to the McDonald’s on Highway 17. The deputy “transported this subject to the McDonald’s per his request, and he was left to continue on and about his way.”

Unruly juvenile: Deputies were sent to a Bryan Woods Estates address around 3:30 a.m. Nov. 13 regarding “a complaint of a juvenile who had been drinking and was firing a gun in the front yard.”

Deputies found the teen, who was “noticeably intoxicated,” but didn’t find a gun. Witnesses said he “was attempting to fight his brother after he consumed a large amount of alcohol before firing a pistol of some kind in the direction of his brother.”

The brother left before deputies arrived, and “no firearm or shell casings were located in the yarded area where the shooting supposedly occurred.” The juvenile was taken to a holding cell, then released to a family member.

Disorderly conduct; On Oct. 10, a BCSO deputy was dispatched to a fight on Arden Loop Circle.

“Upon arrival, I was informed that the two brothers were fighting. I then attempted to talk to the two brothers … but due to their intoxication levels, I could not speak to them near one another. I then placed one in the back of my patrol vehicle to separate them.

I could not make heads or tails of what they were fighting about,” the deputy reported, adding “I then spoke to the mother, she said she wanted them to go to bed. I told (one brother) to go to bed, and he did.”

The other brother didn’t go to bed. He refused to follow deputies orders and was taken to jail.

Drugs: A deputy checking a parked car at Morgan’s Bridge around 1:40 a.m. Nov. 10 found a man sleeping inside, and woke him up.

Despite a sign at the entrance “which reads no one is supposed to be at the boat landing after 11 p.m. unless launching or retrieving a vessel,” the man told the deputy he’d had an argument at home “so he was sleeping under the bridge for the night.”

The deputy smelled pot, and a check of the man’s ID revealed he was wanted by Garden City police for felony theft. At the same time, a search turned up pot and 19 Alprazolam pills.

The man was arrested on a number of charges.

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