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BCSO blotter: Eagle and squirrel hit car on Hwy. 144
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Matter of record: From a Sept. 24 report, “vehicle listed was traveling west on Ga. 144 near Strathy Hall Drive in left when a bald eagle swooped down across the lane after a squirrel and struck the left front of said vehicle. The squirrel and eagle were lodged in the front grille of said vehicle. No injuries were reported and the vehicle was driven away by the vehicle.”

Meanwhile, “The Healiaeetus Leucocephalus/ Bald Eagle was transported by (deputy) to the Bryan County Animal Shelter for safe keeping. The Ga. DNR was notified of the incident. The Ga. DNR stated to Animal Control that the proper authorities would be arriving Monday Sept. 26 to pick up the (eagle) from Bryan County Animal Control.”

It’s unclear how the eagle was doing. We hope it’s OK.

Matter of record: Deputies responded to Eldora Road regarding a report of “a white male jumping in front of traffic then falling into a ditch.”

There, they found the man “lying face down in the grassy area of the Dip N Dash (on Eldora Road,” and “upon approaching the male subject, deputies heard him gurgling.”

The deputies tried to turn the man over “and lay him on his back in efforts to render aid. The subject became very combative. Deputies had to restrain him by placing him in handcuffs.”

EMS was called and took the man to the Effingham County hospital. A check of his ID showed he had “active arrest warrants, however, due to his medical state (the man) was not arrested.” 

Matter of record: Deputies were sent “to the area of Simms Road and Live Oak Circle Road” on Sept. 27 to help Bulloch County Deputies. “According to them, an excavator was stolen from Candler County about 17 days ago,” and apparently belonged to a construction company in Bulloch County. Vehicle fire: Deputies were sent to “the area of Bill Futch and Page Road for a vehicle fire,” on Sept. 27. A deputy spoke with the complainant, “who indicated he rented a LINK-BELT 300x4 Track Excavator and it caught on fire while in use. (The deputy) observed the Excavator burning in a field away from any other fire. Bryan County Fire attempted to put out the fire.”

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