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BCSO Blotter: Dispute between neighbors over loud music

From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Public nuisance: Everybody loves to hear other people’s music played loud at all hours of the night and day. That’s why they make speakers, right?


This Ellabell man called deputies around 8 a.m. April 13 to report a neighbor “has been playing music from his car stereo up until around midnight last night and had started again this morning at around 7 a.m. (Complainant) states that he continues to have issues from his neighbor being disorderly, being loud, and causing disturbances in the neighborhood.

When the deputy got there, he reported he heard music coming from the car, “which was approximately 200 yards from my location,” with both doors open and the trunk open on the car and the radio turned up.

When the man saw the deputy, he turned the radio down a bit. That didn’t save him a talking to from the deputy, who said the music was too loud.

Because BCSO had been called to the man’s home “many times for several different disturbances,” he “was teetering on having charges brought against him for disorderly house. I advised (the man) to keep it down and to try a little better to get along and be a good neighbor for the neighborhood.”

It evidently didn’t sink in.

“Around 15 minutes later, (the deputy) received a message to place (the complainant a call.”

The deputy called and was told that the man he’d just asked to be a good neighbor and keep his music down had sped past the complainant’s house, yelling a racial slur at the man’s wife before speeding away.

Criminal trespass: A South Bryan woman called BCSO on April to report problems with a neighbor.

“(The complainant) advised that (a male neighbor) verbally degrades her and her child when they are outside. She is having a privacy fence put up to avoid any further conflict between them.”

That irked the man, apparently. “(He) had issues with the fence being installed and went to HOA. The HOA ruled in her favor.”

That’s not why BCSO was called, however.

“Today (the complainant) found the wires coming from the house to her central air unit had been cut. She doesn’t know who did it, but she suspects (her neighbor) due to their past encounters.”

The wires “appeared to have been cut with wire cutters,” the deputy reported, and he was going to speak to the neighbor but he was out of town.

Theft: A Pembroke man reported his gun was missing April 15. He “stated that he was unable to find his firearm. The complainant explained that he kept the unloaded firearm in his vehicle and for the most part leaves the vehicle unsecured while in his own driveway.”

The man said he “suspected the firearm to be stolen when he noticed his cell phone was also missing from the vehicle. The complainant was unable to provide any possible suspects and did not belie e he was targeted for the theft as he hadn’t made anyone close to him aware that he had purchased the firearm.”

The man said the missing weapon was a Glock “Model 19 Generation 4 semiautomatic pistol chambered in 9 mm,” according to the report He wasn’t sure about the phone’s “specifics.” The pistol was entered into the Georgia Crime Information Center computer as stolen.

Criminal trespass: Deputies were sent to a South Bryan address regarding a man being violent, intoxicated and making threats, a report said.

Deputies and a Richmond Hill Police Department officer went to the complainant’s home first. She told them the man had since run over to a cousin’s house, and was trying to get in.

A deputy and RHPD officer went to the cousin’s house, but the suspect wasn’t there. The cousin told the two lawmen he’d started to speak to the offender regarding money issues.

“He said (the offender) became aggravated. He said (the offender) stripped off his clothes and started to run around the residence naked. He said (the offender) began to break items including the side mirror of his father’s Toyota Tacoma.”

The cousin said he wouldn’t let the offender into his house “due to his drunken demeanor.”

The deputy and police officer hunted for the man, but had no luck. The cousin got a report number and was told how to get a warrant.

Vehicle fire: A South Bryan man reported April 16 he was working on his pickup’s fuel system in his driveway when the engine caught fire. The man said he pushed the pickup into the street and the fire department came and put it out. It was then towed “to a safe area.”

Damage to property: A man reported April 16 he went to an area of Bryan Fisherman’s Co-op Road to go fishing with a friend, and later got bogged down while riding hunting trails with a friend. When he got back to his SUV, it had been damaged. “There was spray paint on the interior and exterior of the vehicle as well as a wheel missing and engine parts gone. (The man) attempted to start the vehicle but the battery had been stolen as well. The vehicle suffered extensive cosmetic and engine damage and has a strong odor of urine in the carpets.” The man and his friend were able to tow it to the friend’s home.

Criminal trespass: An Ellabell woman reported April 16 that the day before a woman turned into her driveway to turn around, and “at this time the suspect did run over the complainant’s sewer tank causing damage to the concrete lid.” The complainant said the woman who pulled into her driveway and ran over the sewer tank “was supposed to meet with the complainant today at noon” to talk about paying for the damage, but didn’t show up. The complainant, wanted a report filed so she could turn it into the woman’s insurance company.

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