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BCSO blotter: Car goes 134 mph in emergency lane; woman can’t be arrested
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Reckless driving, etc: A deputy on patrol on Highway 144 around 4:50 pm. July 23 clocked a car going 77 mph in front of the Kroger, and tried to pull it over. That led to a chase onto I-95 north, with the suspect vehicle going an estimated 100 mph as it got onto the interstate, By the time it got to mile marker 91 it was “traveling in excess of 134 mph in the emergency lane,” a report said.

At the same time, RHPD was responding to a report of a “strong arm robbery” in the Kroger parking lot involving that vehicle, the report said, and the deputy noted as he gave chase the driver used all three lanes on 95 and “looked to have hit another vehicle but did not,” before heavy rain slowed traffic down. The deputy noted he got blocked in and lost sight of the vehicle.

Public drunk: A deputy was sent to a Pembroke address July 20 regarding “a person possibly on drugs.”

There, a woman told the deputy he was “not a real police officer,” and had stolen his badge, then said someone tried to shoot her but she didn’t want the deputy on her property. She then “left the house.”

A man at the house gave the deputy the 44-year-old woman’s information, and he checked and learned she was wanted. So, the deputy went to her address to arrest her but she said he “could not detain or arrest her because she was on Cherokee nation and a federal officer.”

She was arrested and taken to jail anyway.

Stolen vehicle recovered: Men riding on golf carts near the Bryan County Mega-Site reported July 23 they spotted a vehicle behind an abandoned house, then learned it might’ve been stolen. It was, and deputies met the owner at a nearby gas station so she could get it back.

Animal complaint: A Richmond Hill woman reported July 24 a dog from a nearby home attacked her cat and drug it into the woods. When the dog was caught the cat was already dead. Warrant procedures were explained.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill man reported July 16 that in January he paid a handyman $430 by check for work done on his home, and the check cleared the bank soon afterward.

The man said on July 16 the same check was deposited again “with the date the check was written being changed,” without his knowledge. He got a case number, etc.

Unruly juvenile: Deputies were sent to Bryan County Jail on July 21 for a 16-year-old who wouldn’t behave. A deputy spoke to the teen’s mother, who said her son has threatened her and a 9-yearold, and said he was supposed to be in court that day but “was kicked out of the court room due to (his) swearing in the court room.”

The woman was told to contact a judge to see what could be done with her son, who while “in the juvenile cell, (he) kept yelling and cursing even after being told to stop.”

Missing property: A Hinesville man reported July 23 he was fishing with friends in South Bryan when he “misplaced his Army backpack, with fishing supplies and a Glock 43, 9MM.” He discovered the backpack missing when he got home. A photo of gun was out of focus, so the man said he’d go home and find the serial number and report it to authorities.

Damage to property: A truck driver stopped July 25 at the TA truck stop in Richmond Hill to report another semi-truck sideswiped his while changing lanes and kept ongoing. His dash camera had vide of the incident. The driver got a case number.

Wanted person: Deputies were sent to a Blitchton address around 5 p.m. July 24 “regarding a child custody exchange which would reportedly lead to a physical altercation.”

The report continued: Upon arrival it was determined threatening text messages and phone calls had been exchanged by multiple parties. All parties were residents of Bulloch County and the overall investigation was inconclusive,” and the folks involved were told to follow with authorities there. During the investigation, however, it was learned one of the men was wanted in Evans County. He was arrested and turned over to an Evans County deputy.

Welfare check: Deputies were sent to a Fort McAllister Road address July 25 to check on a man who hadn’t been in touch with his wife all day. She was currently in a local rehab clinic for a broken leg.

When a deputy arrived at the home she knocked and “approximately five minutes later,” heard knocking that appeared to be “under a bathroom window on the front of the residence.” There, the deputy found the man, who said he’d fallen and needed help getting up.

She contacted Bryan County EMS and then got in through the front door, which was unlocked, and found the man on a bathroom floor.

EMS helped the man up and into the living room, and he refused a trip to the hospital, but about an hour later EMS was sent back to the address to take the man to St. Joesph’s.

Matter of record: An Ellabell man reported July 25 he was standing near the road when “an unknown white male driver driving a four wheeler came down from the roadway and swerved over toward him and said, ‘why you call the cops on my partner ….’” The man said he hadn’t called the cops on anyone and that made him uncomfortable.

Theft: A Bluffton woman reported July 25 that 90 14-footlong 2-by-4s were stolen from a home site in Richmond Hill.

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