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BCSO blotter: All four occupants passed out in pickup stopped at light
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

DUI-alcohol, more: A deputy was sent to Highway 80 at Eldora Road around 4:23 a.m. Sept. 17 “for a report of a silver Chevrolet Silverado that was unable to maintain its lane and was stopped at the red light and had not gone when the light turned green.” The deputy got to the light and saw the pickup. “The traffic light was green and the vehicle did not go. I got behind the vehicle and the traffic signal turned to red and cycled through to green and red again the vehicle still did not go.”

The deputy hit his emergency lights and got out to check out the pickup, and “observed all four occupants inside the vehicle to be passed out,” with “multiple beer open beer bottles in the vehicle,” which was still in drive with loud music blaring from inside.

The deputy eventually managed to wake up a passenger, who woke up the driver, who started to drive off, so the deputy got back into his patrol car and put it in front of the pickup. The driver got out of the pickup and was eventually arrested, though not before he kept trying to walk back to the pickup.

The 26-year-old driver, who was identified by a Mexican ID card in his wallet, also turned out to have had his license suspended in June 2022 for DUI. He was arrested.

Criminal trespass; A deputy was sent to a convenience store on Highway 80 on Sept. 13 because on the night of Sept. 12 “a white male arrived the store and walked around spray-painting both ice machines and the dumpster enclosure.” There was video.

DUI-drugs. A deputy on patrol was flagged down around 7:45 p.m. Sept. 15 in Pembroke by a driver who said he was being followed. The man said “a truck in a nearby parking lot was following him and also threw rocks at his vehicle as he was traveling from Swainsboro, Georgia,” though the deputy noted he had to use a translation app because of a language barrier.

Because the incident occurred in Pembroke, the deputy contacted a PPD officer, who showed up and went to talk to the driver of the other vehicle, which pulled out about that time and headed toward BCSO. The officer stopped the pickup, found the 45-yearold driver “became very combative and argumentative,” and asked the deputy to come help.

It turned out the woman seemed to be under the influence and when she was asked why she was following the man’s vehicle she said “’it was a thing in that vehicle,”’ then told the deputy “the driver was a transsexual person.” She also apparently didn’t make much sense, claimed to be heading home to Savannah, and failed a field sobriety test. A drug dog alerted on the vehicle, but it “was littered with trash and roaches inside of the vehicle, thus making it hard to search ….” It was towed, the woman was taken to jail.

Civil matter: A woman reported Sept. 15 that “her neighbors were moving her trash and made her trash not get picked up.”

The deputy tried to talk to the neighbors “with no luck.” The woman wanted a report filed.

Domestic dispute: Deputies were sent around 11 a.m. Sept. 15 to an Ellabell address regarding “a possible domestic dispute between a male and a female.” There, the female said ‘she went to go ta;k to her husband about getting back together when she saw he was trying to sneak another woman out the front door.”

The woman said her husband broke the screen door trying to get it open and she “attempted to stop the female but the female got away.” A “verbal altercation” between the two followed. The husband left before deputies arrived and attempts to call him were unsuccessful. The woman was told how to get a temporary protection order and how to get a copy of the report if she needed it.

Obstruction, no insurance: A deputy was sent to the side of the road on I-16 around noon Sept. 15 to check on “a semi-truck that hit a car door.” The deputy found the car, a Ford Fusion, “with the door hit and window smashed out.” The driver said “he pulled over due to not having gas when a truck hit his door as he opened it,” and “appeared to be having a mental episode,” so the deputy called EMS, which the man refused.

He also apparently didn’t want to leave the interstate, and “would not listen to instructions when told to step to the other side of the vehicles and to step back to my patrol vehicle for his safety and the cars passing on the interstate.” So, he was arrested and cited.

Warrant: A 42-year-old man was arrested on a Garden City warrant for robbery and battery after he was stopped on Highway 17 after a check of his license plate showed he was wanted. Inside the car was a female passenger and “their 5 children under the age of 10.” A licensed driver showed up to pick up the vehicle and passengers.

Sept. 10: Battery, criminal trespass: A 21-year-old man was arrested for hitting a woman in Richmond Hill.

Suspicious evidence. A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address “in reference to an incident which occurred on social media.” No word on what the incident was.

Matter of record: A woman at a Highway 204 address was taken to St. Joseph’s Candler by EMS after she was found unresponsive.  

Animal complaint: A Richmond Hill man reported his neighbor’s dogs come onto his property.  

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a local address regarding a possible runaway juvenile from Sandy Springs.  

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Pembroke address regarding argument between a man and his daughter’s boyfriend.  

Alarm call: Deputies were sent to McAllister Elementary after a gym alarm went off. The gym was secure.  

Shoplifting: An Ellabell store owner reported an “unknown older white lady” keeps stealing alcohol from his store. He showed the deputy a video of the woman “putting a can of Coors Light into her handbag,” and then leaving the store. The owner said he didn’t want to prosecute the lady, he just wanted her banned from the store and to pay for her beer. 

The video caught the woman getting into a pickup with a disabled tag driven by an older white male. 

  Sept. 11:  

Meth, public intoxication, more: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 1:28 a.m. regarding a breaking and entering in progress, one which the homeowner had the burglar held at gunpoint. Before deputies could arrive the man had run off – and the homeowner had fired a shot at him, missing him. 

A deputy found a 41-year-old man pedaling a bike down the road and asked him to stop, the man initially refused to pull over but then did after some discussion. A search turned up meth, a glass pipe, suspected marijuana, etc. The man was arrested.  

Matter of record: A Pembroke man reported “people have been coming into his yard at night and messing with his animals.” Extra patrol was requested.  

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported he was missing a Daum vase worth $4,974.20 and a Howard Banks console table worth $2,500. The man said he last saw them in January when he moved to a gated community in Richmond Hill.  

Damage to property: An Ellabell woman reported someone damaged her tires. She suspected it was someone she called DFACS on.  

Domestic dispute: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address regarding a fight between a father and his 40-year-old son that apparently started when the father said the son didn’t do anything around the house.  

  Sept. 12:  

DUI-multiple substances, speeding, fleeing, more: A 23-year-old man faces multiple traffic charges after he ran from authorities when he was clocked going 88 mph on I-16 and was finally stopped on Highway 80 in Effingham County by a Bryan County deputy using the PIT maneuver. The man told authorities he was running speeds as high as 106 mph and running people off the road because he was scared and also that he was a felon. He was also wanted in Tattnall County and was arrested.  

Riot, aggravated assault: Deputies responded Sept. 6 to a disturbance in a jail in which one woman kicked another down the stairs. There were no serious injuries.   

Simple battery: An Ellabell woman said her ex-boyfriend hit her and took her cell phone and threw it in the woods. The man said he discovered she was talking to other men, but he was “on the home the whole time with his baby’s momma, (another woman),” but “did admit to throwing the phone in the woods after he was kicked in the leg.” The deputy weighed the available statements, then told both of them a report would be filed “and they could get a copy and see a judge.”  

Criminal trespass; The owner of a Highway 204 convenience store asked that a 57-year-old woman be banned from the store after he caught her stealing.  

Criminal trespass: A 52-year-old man was banned from a convenience store on Highway 280.  

No tail lights, warrant: A 57-year-old woman was arrested on a warrant from Liberty County after she was stopped on Highway 204 for not having taillights.  

Theft: A man reported his son’s air pods were stolen while he was in PE at Richmond Hill Middle School.  

Sept. 13:  

Burglary: A man reported liquor stolen from his store on Highway 144 in Richmond Hill. Video shows two men with backpacks carrying boxes of liquor away from the location on Sept. 10. A man said he thinks he knows who it is.  

Suicide attempt: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address regarding a suicide threat. 

Criminal trespass, harassment: Deputies were sent to a Pembroke address regarding a man who came to a home and threatened residents.  

Sept. 14: 

Domestic dispute: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address regarding a dispute between a man and woman over furniture.  

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address regarding a woman violating a temporary protective order and coming to the home.  

Damage to property: A vehicle was damaged by the door of another vehicle in a truck stop parking lot on Highway 280. The two drivers exchanged insurance information. 

Animal complaint: A Pembroke man reported his dog was attacked by a neighbor’s Rottweiler, causing $5,000 in veterinarian bills. The owner of the Rottweiler agreed to pay the bills. The dog had his shots. Everybody got a case number.  

 Sept. 15: 

Abandoned vehicle: A deputy had a pickup with an expired tag and no insurance towed from the South Bryan admin building. It had been registered to a Richmond Hill man and was left in the parking lot on Sept. 5. Efforts to contact the owner were unsuccessful. 

Scam: A man walked in to the South Bryan BCSO station to he was being harassed by phone and text by someone claiming to be a special agent.  

No insurance, more: A man was stopped on Highway 204 and cited for not having insurance and not having the correct address on his driver’s license despite living there for more than a year. He got a court date.  

Damage to property: An Ellabell woman reported she saw three squatters leaving a mobile home that had been vacant for six months. A deputy checked the trailer and found damage to the inside of the trailer.  

Speeding, suspended license: A 28-year-old man clocked driving 76 mph on Highway 280 was pulled over. It turned out his license was suspended. He was cited. 

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