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BCSO and RHPD reports: Naked man spotted at Bark Park
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Suspicious activity: Deputies were sent to the Bryan County Bark Park shortly before 1 p.m. May 28 after a woman said she saw a naked man standing in the bushes staring at her.

“She said the man then waved at her and kept staring,” the report said. “She said she noticed he was moving one arm, and moved a step and realized she saw a lot of skin showing on his leg and as she moved away from where she was she saw that he was completely nude. She said he appeared to be pleasuring himself while watching her and she called immediately because there were lots of women and kids in the area.”

The woman said the man then went to the track and she lost sight of him. Deputies searched the area and “found where it looked like someone went through the woods toward Fort McAllister Road.”

From Richmond Hill Police Department reports:

Matter of record: A 56-year-old man reported May 25 his neighbor “said he was going to kill him.”

The complainant said the neighbor threatened him by text “stating how (complainant) was not taking care of his mom and (complainant) was going to kill his mom just like he had killed her dog. He then advised if (complainant) ever came near him (complainant) would die.”

The complainant said he’d given his neighbor a key to the house years ago so he could check on it, but the neighbor had started showing up without permission while the complainant’s mother was home, so the complainant got the key back and had the locks changed about two years ago.

“Since then, (the neighbor) has continually been harassing (the complainant) when he comes to assist his mother and sends harassing text messages to him,” the report said.

The officer crossed the street to talk to the neighbor.

“(He) advised, (the complainant) and himself get into little arguments over text messaging. He advised he had sent some comments which should not have been said and (the complainant) had threatened to have his boys jump him.”

The neighbor said he’d saved all the messages and the complainant had been the first one to issue a threat by text. He also said the “issue was caused by (complainant) not giving enough care to his mom and using her money to take care of his own bills. (Complainant) has also turned the rest of the family against (the neighbor). (He) advised nothing more was going to happen due to him and his wife would be traveling the country in their mobile home of the rest of the year to get away from everything.”

Warrant procedures and so on were explained.

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