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BCSD looking into call
Woman says man told her he had nude photos of her child
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The Bryan County Sheriff’s Department is investigating an incident where a woman said an anonymous person called her and said he had nude photos of her young daughter.

According to a report obtained from the Sheriff’s Department, a Richmond Hill woman received an anonymous call on her cell phone the morning of May 1 from a man who said he had the pictures of her 8-year-old daughter. The man claimed to be a neighbor who lived within five miles of the woman and her family.

The report says the woman came into the Richmond Hill office of the Sheriff’s Department to report the call, telling the reporting officer that the man’s voice "sounded like that of an old friend of her ex-husband."

The caller, whose number was blocked and did not show up on the woman’s cell phone caller ID, said it would be a "real shame" if the pictures wound up on the Internet or in the hands of someone else. He told the woman he would give her the pictures and negatives for $500. According to Detective Mickey Sands with the Sheriff’s Department, who is investigating the case, the woman has two young daughters.

Sands said he contacted Alltel, the woman’s cell phone provider, but was unsuccessful in obtaining the caller’s phone number. He said the number was not captured by the phone company’s system.

Sands said he was investigating one suspect but it turned up he wasn’t the caller.

"There is a suspect in federal prison which fits (the caller’s) description," Sands said. "It fits his (modes of operation)…he would do something like this. She was familiar with the man and thought she recognized his voice. But he was in prison at the time and the prison said they monitor his calls."

Sands said the man, whose name he could not release, used to live in the general vicinity of the woman and her family.

Since the first phone call, the woman hasn’t received any more, and Sands said it could have been a prank. But he said the investigation is still underway.

"This isn’t really closed," Sands said. "With these kinds of things they’re not really closed until we find anything out about it."

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