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Athletic fields ready for kickoff
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The new Bryan County athletic fields continue down the road to completion.

Pratt Lockwood gave an update on lighting prices for the new fields at the Bryan County Commissioners meeting Oct. 2.

Lockwood said fields one and two in the soccer complex, which are turf, have already been started. Next to fields one and two there will be a concession stand, with fields three and four located next to them, made of natural grass.

Now, Lockwood has started researching prices for the third and fourth fields. For lighting the two additional fields, the total cost for fixtures, wiring, labor, etc. has been bid at $217,628. For the baseball and softball complexes, County Administrator Phil Jones said all the lighting could be done at once.

"Before you make a decision one way or the other on that, he does have the bid prices to go ahead and light the baseball complex and softball complex. If you wanted to roll all that into one, and have that option of doing that, and while they’re out there doing the lights, they’ll do all of them," Jones said, noting that bid is $484,827.

If the county were to wait, it would begin in about a month’s time according to schedule.

"Well, there’s no point in waiting," Commissioner Ed Bacon said.

Commissioner Glen Willard made the motion to go ahead and do all the lighting at once and the two bids were unanimously approved for a total of $702,455. The payment will be through SPLOST.

Lockwood said there will be a soccer kickoff for the new fields on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at Hendrix Park. High school softball will start at 3 p.m. and the soccer kickoff will be at 5:30, followed by a soccer game at 6:15.


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