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The arts that are on our coast

It is a wonderful thing to be a part of a community that understands and supports the Arts.

The annual 2018 Arts On the Coast show’s reception was held at Photopoint Gallery, 30 Cherokee St. Richmond Hill. The show will hang until Sept. 8 and is open to the public.

The winners of the 2018 show are as follow;

First Place: Miranda Osborne. 

Second Place: Charles Opper.

Third Place: Ken Blackwell.

Honorable Mention: Danelle Lejeune.

Peoples’ Choice Award: Tom Byrne.

Arts On the Coast is an ever evolving entity but our goals have remained steadfast. We believe, in fact, we know, that the strength of a community like ours doesn’t just lie in its business acumen, its politics, its educational and housing opportunities, but truly becomes a quality community of destination when it embraces its cultural and historical narrative.

We are lucky to have in this little area, in this tiny piece of the northeast section of the bite on the Georgia Coast an extraordinary number of talented artists working together to build a community, sharing their experiences and talent with other artists and the public.

But that is only one part of Arts On the Coast's mission.

Arts On the Coast’s goal is to help our community understand and embrace the importance of the arts and all cultural affairs as being the final cornerstone that builds a quality community — a place people want to live, to visit, to spend time in.

Volker is an AOC member.

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