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An aquatic center for South Bryan?
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Brenda Krokoski and Tura Sandt made a presentation for an aquatic center at Tuesday’s Bryan County Commission meeting in Richmond Hill and came away $250 closer to seeing their dream come true.

Supported by more than 50 people at the commission meeting, Krokoski and Sandt gave a Powerpoint presentation to the commissioners, outlining the need and saying it was past time for an aquatic center.

Although short on financial aspects, the presentation outlined the need and benefit of swimming programs for veterans, senior citizens, school swim teams, parents and others.

The Powerpoint used the $20 million aquatic center in North Charleston, S.C. as an example of what a community can do if the need exists.

Krokoski did say, however, that the wide myriad of activities at the center would go a long way toward helping offset the ongoing maintenance needs.Commissioner Steve Myers agreed the need exists.

In fact, the commissioner gave the presenters $250 to get the ball rolling. Myers suggested they take the money and buy bumper or other vehicle stickers and then resell them for a profit to begin an advertising campaign to help instigate serious talks about an aquatic center.

Myers said he didn’t think Bryan County needed a $20 million aquatic center but advocated hiring a consultant to see exactly what was needed in Bryan County. Commissioner Brad Brookshire agreed that it was time to hire a consultant to determine the county’s needs.

Krokoski said the center would likely be within the Richmond Hill city limits, possibly near the new I-95 interchange. She said she envisioned a joint project between Richmond Hill and Bryan County.

Commission Chairman Carter Infinger agreed that a consultant was necessary to keep the ball rolling.

No action was taken by the commission but Commissioner Myers said he would be talking to his fellow commissioners in the next few days and would keep the group updated.

Richmond Hill already has a private pool, operated by Richmond Hill Swim Club, at Ways Station.

Pembroke has a city pool at the J. Dixie Harn Community Center.

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