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A student's view of uniforms
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I am a rising junior at Richmond Hill High School. I am writing this letter in regards to the school uniforms. I am a student that almost always follows the dress code, sometimes I get a little lazy and forget to tuck my shirt it, bad me. A majority of the students do follow the dress code and I feel that we should not be punished for the small amount of students who refuse to follow the dress code. Why should the majority of students be punished for the acts of the few who don’t follow the dress code? The uniform that the board has proposed isn’t even a real uniform, but a stricter dress code. Navy blue and white aren’t even our school colors, they aren’t even practical colors. White stains and gray’s far too easy and in this Georgia heat navy blue is just too hot. The board says that uniforms will help the students behave better, it doesn’t matter what the students wear they will still act up. We are young and rambunctious teenagers, not robots. The board also says that uniforms will help cut back on dress code violations, it won’t. The girls will still push the skirt length and the students still won’t tuck their shirts in. Most students will push the uniforms as far as they can. The board stated that uniforms will help cut back on the cost of clothing, however that is also wrong. Because now students will have to purchase school clothing and after school clothing. Because of my height finding pants in my size will be near impossible and I’m not a big fan of skirts. School uniforms are just an added expense most families don’t need, everyone I know wears jeans, and I know for a fact that I wont wear the school uniform outside of school. The majority of the students at Richmond Hill High School don’t want uniforms, including myself. By giving us a uniform they are stripping the students of their individuality, and personally I enjoy being different. Uniforms are a huge waste of time and money. I don’t want to be restricted to a uniform my last two years of high school. I enjoy my freedom and my individuality. If you are going to give us uniforms you might as well just make us wear bright orange jumpsuits with the word "prison" written across the back. I only hope this letter helps the parents, teachers, principals, and board members see what some of the students at Richmond Hill High School think about the proposal of school uniforms for next year. Thanks for your time.


Jessica Madden


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