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4 local seniors receive Captain Matthew Freeman Scholarships
Captain Matthew Freeman Scholarship Presentation
Pictured with Lisa Freeman, Captain Matthew Freeman’s mother, are $4,000 scholarship winners from RHHS Tyler Scott Schell (left) and Jonathan Altman (left). $500 scholarship winners, Gage Caldwell from Bryan County HS and Ryan Wiebold from RHHS were out of town.

The Captain Matthew Freeman Memorial Scholarship committee recently announced its scholarship winners.

 Scholarships were offered to all Bryan County seniors, including both public high schools, private school attendees and homeschoolers. 

Four scholarships were presented. 

Tyler Scott Schell and Jonathan Altman from Richmond Hill High School received $4,000 scholarships.  Gage Caldwell from Bryan County High School and Ryan Wiebold from Richmond Hill High School received $500 scholarships.

The Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church hosted the event on July 17 for the presentation and following reception that included family and friends as well as the interviewers and their families.

 The presentation opened with the 2020 winner, Garrett Stigall, and 2021 winner, Ethan Falls, who spoke about what it meant to them to receive this particular scholarship. 

Lisa Freeman spoke about the importance of putting on the “Armor of God” as her son did when he left for war and how having God as their guide was the most important personal gift they could give themselves during these difficult times.

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