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Why you should marry a man whos never had a girlfriend
Experience doesnt necessarily mean more success when it comes to marriage. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Yes, I was my husbands first girlfriend.

No, we weren't teenagers when we got fact, I was 24 and he was 26.

I know you probably have some questions, such as, Why did he never have a girlfriend? Is he a weirdo or something? Was he anti-social?

The answers to all these questions are a resounding "no". He was on the football and baseball team in high school. He was active in his church and had many friends. He went on dates, and had several friends of the opposite sex.

When my husband and I first started dating and he let me know that I was actually his first girlfriend, I was quite surprised.

Here was a kind, handsome, chivalrous guy...why wouldnt a girl want to be with him?

But as I thought about it further (and now that we have been married for some time), I think there is a HUGE benefit to being your husbands first girlfriend, and his last one too. Here's why:

Everything is new

One of the best parts of being the first is that everything is new and magical.

You can't be compared to any other girlfriend or past relationship, so all the things you do together are a fresh start.

Sometimes this can be a little daunting because you want to make it the best experience they can have, but since it is also new for him it makes it feel all new for you as well.

You learn together

Before my husband, I was in a couple serious relationships. I learned some good habits and some bad ones from being in those relationships, and I thought this experience made me more of an expert when it came to dating.

My husband taught me that I was wrong about that. He was such a good boyfriend, fiance, and now husband, without needing prior experience.

This was because he was willing to learn and grow, which inspired me to learn and grow, too. We learned better communication skills, how to treat each other more lovingly, and how to show love. We learned patience and kindness and what a good and lasting relationship can be like.

He will understand your past

What surprised me most about my husband was his ability to be understanding, especially when it came to admissions about my past relationships.

He knew I wasnt a recluse who never dated, because neither was he. But he was also very understanding when I told him about my more serious relationships, but never made me feel that I was used goods or anything along those lines.

It was great to talk so openly with someone about those relationships and not have them get jealous or hurt. In fact, we were able to talk about the things I learned from those relationships and how we could change or improve them in our own relationship.

When he falls for you, you will know

When I asked my husband why he had never had a girlfriend, he said that he honestly couldnt pinpoint an exact reason why. He said that it probably was a combination of focusing on other things like sports, being a little shy, and just not finding someone he truly wanted as a girlfriend.

He said that was until he met me, and boy did that make me feel special!

That is how you will feel in the same situation, because when you are with them you can know for sure that you are special to him. You will know it was worth the wait and the effort.

He probably wont be shy about telling you his feelings, and you will know they are genuine and pure.

Now, I know that every case is different, and I am not telling you to try to go out and find a man who has never had a girlfriend. What I am saying is that if you happen to already be dating someone who happens to tell you theyve never had a girlfriend, give it a chance. This guy could make an amazing husband, and potentially be your last boyfriend.
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