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Why its OK to be a guy who loves Valentine's Day
You can be a man and absolutely love Valentines Day. Here's why. - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Valentines Day is quickly approaching, and many either feel a sense of dread or excitement for this holiday.

For those who feel that excitement, it is usually because of a significant other and the chance to tell them how much you really care.

This holiday is also most often attributed to women; some men even hate this holiday and refuse to celebrate it, stating that it is just another commercial excuse to get people to buy things on a particular day.

But what about the guys who actually like Valentines Day?

Here are a few reasons why it is absolutely acceptable to be a man who loves Valentines Day.

Showing you care

Some men may have a hard time expressing how they really feel, even to their significant other. Valentines Day is literally a day to tell and show someone how you feel; whether that means writing a card, or taking your girl out to a special dinner or on a fun adventure. It is OK to show your more vulnerable side and know that because you are in a committed and healthy relationship everything will be OK. Whatever the case may be, this is a day when everyone is encouraged to express themselves, so a man can enjoy having that excuse to share his feelings openly.

Bringing your A-game

Some men by nature are pretty competitive. For this type of guy, the holiday presents the opportunity to not only compete with other males, but also with himself. You got her a teddy bear with a heart last year? Boom! You can top that with a fancy dinner and expensive jewelry this year. Showing your woman that even though you already have her heart, you want to win it all over again, is a great motivator to liking this particular day.

Revealing a softer side

Sometimes being a manly man can mean that people might not think you have a softer side. Even your wife or girlfriend may not see that side of you very often. For some men Valentines Day is the chance to show your inner cuddly bear. It is the chance to get all mushy and sentimental, and love it.

Spoiling each other

When a man really cares about a woman, he enjoys spoiling her from time to time. Men who enjoy spoiling their wife or girlfriend find this holiday to be a great time to do just that. They enjoy seeing the happiness on her face when she sees the time and effort put in for her.

Also, men equally enjoy being spoiled. Some men like to see what their lady has for them on Valentines Day. They also like to be surprised and feel the love.

Whatever the case may be, men can and should enjoy Valentines Day as much as anybody else. So go ahead, declare your love.
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