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Whats Inside channel finds mold in 3 of 9 Sophie the giraffe chew toys
Mold in the giraffe toy - photo by Brooke Facer
Last week, the Sophie the Giraffe teething toy made national news when a dentist, Dana Chianese, claimed to have found mold inside the toy despite following its cleaning instructions. It was discovered that other users of the product have reported mold.

A CNN article argued, The problem with Sophie could be true of any squeaky toy or rubber duck that had a hole and spent some time in water. Many other news outlets also sided with the French toy company that has produced the teething toy since 1961.

In an effort to get to the bottom (or middle) of the case of Sophie the Giraffe, the Whats Inside YouTube channel, previously featured by the Deseret News, recorded a video cutting open nine used Sophie the Giraffe toys purchased on Ebay.

"Yes, they sell used teething toys and apparently moms buy them," Daniel Markham, one part of the father-son duo from What's Inside, said in an email.

When Markham, who joined with Jared Mecham of the "Ellie and Jared" YouTube channel for this project, cut open the seemingly harmless teething toys, they found mold inside three of them.

Watch the video here.
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