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What do reading, romance and relationships have in common?
Have your marriage lost that lovin' feeling? Find it inside a book. - photo by Wendy Jessen
Before there was Internet, television, movies or even the radio, there were books.

Young couples had to be more creative in courting each other in the 19th century as they were not allowed to be alone together. Thus, reading together became a favorite pastimethey could read and make eyes at each other, while still maintaining social standards.

Besides the romantic qualities, reading has benefits. "As Godey's Lady's Book put it back in 1863, 'reading aloud is one of those exercises which combine mental and muscular effort, and hence has a double advantage'perfect for those boring, cold days when your mind and your muscles both feel frozen," according to a recent article.

Want to try it out for yourself?

Instead of dinner and a movie, try dinner and a good book for date night.

My husband and I enjoy reading books together. It's often hard to find time to read together, however. Maybe a reading date night is the perfect way to go. You can find a romance to reignite the spark in your marriage by reading about people falling in love. Sit close together, cozy with a blanket, some hot chocolate in hand and take turns reading aloud. This can even help you learn to communicate better as a couple.

If you need a little more motivation to pull out a book instead of pulling up Netflix take a look below.

Reading leads to great discussions.

You know that moment when you finish a book and you just want to talk to someone about it? This is why people start or join book clubs. Use discussion points from the books you read together to strengthen your relationship. Books offer new perspectives on life and allow you to see the world through different eyes. It's a beautiful thing to share with another person.

A super cheap way to travel the world.

Most of us don't have a pocketbook that allows us to travel the world, though that'd be awesome. However, we can experience different cultures, lands and people by reading books. Reading with your spouse lets you explore the world together. Authors are skilled at writing descriptions that seemingly transport you to another place or time period. Take a trip via your library or bookstore.

Reading makes you smarter (and hotter).

"Does this book make me look hot?" Yes. Yes, it does. Arguably, nothing is more attractive than a smart man or woman. Reading increases your intelligence by introducing you to new words and new understandings of people and the world. Keep your attraction to each other at peak levels by reading books that really do make you smarter.

Keep the romance in your marriage by changing up the "same old" with a new book. Reading together is a great way to improve communication, intimacy and strengthen your relationship and bond. Whether it's romance, science-fiction, mystery, historical, nonfiction, fantasy or any other genre, see how reading books together can help your relationship become better. Try it. Explore the world from the comfort of your own home, snuggled up with the love of your life.
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