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Video: Little girls lands big bass with Barbie fishing pole
A newly viral video shows a little girl go into happy hysterics before she reels in a bass fish with a kids Barbie fishing pole. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE LAKE Not everyone gets to go on fishing trips with dad when they were small, but every dad who does get the chance hopes for an experience like the one in this video.

The star of the video, Avery, appears to be a girly girl, decked out in bows and purple and red and pink while on a fishing boat. Even her kids fishing pole is pink with a Barbie theme. But that doesnt mean Avery wouldnt enjoy a fishing trip with dad.

And enjoy it she certainly does.

Avery gets a serious case of the manic giggles as her dad encourages her to keep reeling in a fish she has on the line. The tension is palpable as the giggles in intensify and as you see her tipping her rod too low, putting her in danger of losing the fish.

But neither dad nor daughter could predict the size of the fish that comes out of the water. Its not a record-breaking 22-pounder, but it wouldnt do to spoil the reveal here.

In the end, it probably doesnt matter how big the fish was; its obvious her excitement wouldve reached a frenzy no matter what. Now she might be an angler for life, probably much to the pleasure of her proud papa.

I guess you could say, shell be keeping it reel. (Sorry.)
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