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Video: Batman roller coaster leaves thrill-seekers upside down for 45 minutes
A Batman roller coaster at Six Flags in Atlanta left thrill seekers suspended in midair on Wednesday - photo by Herb Scribner
A Batman roller coaster at Six Flags in San Antonio left thrill-seekers suspended in midair on Wednesday, according to WPVI-TV.

No one was injured on the roller coaster, which brings riders up 120 feet in the air and sends them through six flips and two vertical drops.

The riders waited on the suspended Batman ride for 45 minutes before being brought down to the beginning of the ride.

The ride stopped after a sensor triggered an emergency alert.

"One of the many safety sensors that monitors all aspects of the ride sent an alert, which caused the coaster to stop at the top of the initial lift, a spokesperson of Six Flags Fiesta said in a written statement to KHOU.

Sydne Purvis, the park's spokeswoman, told that sensors work as a safety precaution to stop the ride for many reasons, including wind and weather conditions.

A stop such as the one on Wednesday, she said, is infrequent.
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