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Uno is getting a sequel card game called, you guessed it, Dos
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The sequel to Uno is here.

According to Mashable, Dos is a sequel to the hit card game, which debuted in 1971 and has since become a classic.

Dos works a little differently than Uno. Players will have two decks of cards to play from and can only win after earning enough points, not when they put down all of their cards. Players will also be asked to call out Dos when they have two cards in their hands.

The game will be available at Target starting on March 4 before expanding to more retailers in August. Dos will cost $5.99.

This is a big change for Uno, which has remained mostly untouched since its debut, according to Mashable.

The games launch comes as Mattel struggles to turn its business around, according to the New York Post. The company saw an 11 percent fall in revenue last year. It didnt help matters that Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy and that children have shifted toward mobile gaming for their entertainment needs.

However, the company said Uno sales climbed 12 percent last year from 2016. So Mattel has decided to double-down. The company hopes to create more modern versions of the game, which will include emoji and unicorns, as well as bring the game to smartphones and even Facebook Messenger.

For now, Ray Adler, who oversees Mattel Inc.s games unit, hopes that Dos will be enough.

Were happy where we are with Dos right now, he told the New York Post.
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