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United Airlines pays passenger $10,000 voucher after she got kicked off a flight
Allison Preiss, a communications director in Washington, got bumped from a flight from Dulles International Airport in Washington. - photo by Herb Scribner
A United Airlines passengers day went from horrible to the best ever after negotiating compensation for getting kicked off a flight.

According to ABC News, Allison Preiss, a communications director in Washington, got bumped from an oversold flight from Dulles International Airport in Washington. Preiss was the lowest-fare passenger, so they asked her to deboard.

United then gave her a travel voucher worth $10,000 to compensate.

"Well," she told ABC News, "I can say it was the best flight delay ever."

Preiss retold the events of her flight in a tweetstorm. She said that United offered $1,000 to anyone willing to deboard the plane voluntarily.

"United is offering $1K in travel credit for an oversold flight. If nobody bites, they will kick off the lowest fare passenger by pulling them out of the boarding line. For a flight that THEY oversold. Unreal, she tweeted.

United offered Preiss a $2,000 voucher because she was the lowest-fare passenger. But Preiss declined, saying she was inclined to receive cash for the amount she paid times four, per the company's policy. That would have totaled $650, Fortune reported.

She protested until United caved in and offered her a larger amount to deboard the plane. She tweeted a photo of the $10,000 voucher they gave her.

Oh, and it comes with two $10 meal vouchers.

A spokesperson from United confirmed to BuzzFeed News that they gave the woman the voucher. They did not explain how often they deliver vouchers of that size.

United upped its cap for voluntary denied boarding to $10,000 last year after the airline dragged someone off a flight last year.

The $10,000 voucher came during the same week that United faced tremendous criticism about its pet policies. The company suspended its pet carrying policy after several incidents that led to dogs winding up in the wrong airports, the Deseret News reported.
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