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Tour Facebooks new office to see what makes it so successful
The time has finally come: People can now tour the new Facebook offices, and they dont even have to travel to Silicon Valley to do so. - photo by Herb Scribner
The time has finally come: People can now tour the new Facebook offices, and they dont even have to travel to Silicon Valley to do so.

On Monday night, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted the first-ever live video from Facebooks headquarters, a preview for the Town Hall Q&A that the social network hosted Tuesday afternoon.

In the video, featured below, Zuckerberg takes viewers on a tour of the open-floored Facebook headquarters. Most rooms are made with glass windows, and everything is as sleek and as startup-like as they come.

Zuckerberg attributed Facebooks success to the open-floor office plan his company uses.

The whole idea here is that by having an open floor plan, where people work closely together, it facilities people sharing and communicating about what theyre doing, which enables better collaboration, which we think is key to building the best services for our community, Zuckerberg said. Weve worked like this for a long time, and its been a pretty core way for doing what we do here at Facebook.

The open-floor office plans success has been up for debate in recent years. Offices continue to embrace them because they maximize space and tend to be cost-effective, according to Fortune. Open-floor offices are also known for inspiring camaraderie between workers, according to The New Yorker.

But a 2013 study found that most workers are unsatisfied with open-floor plans because it puts them closer to their bosses and keeps them under constant pressure.

Nearly half of the surveyed workers in open offices said the lack of sound privacy was a significant problem for them and more than 30 percent complained about the lack of visual privacy, according to The Washington Post.

Whether youre a fan or not, Time magazines Levo League recommends workers try their best to embrace their companys open floor plan by visiting colleagues, taking advantage of any alone time they receive and finding new ways to embrace the workplace.

Take the opportunity to become closer to your employees and colleagues, League wrote. Decorate your cube in an interesting way. Make friends with passersby based on the fact that now everyone can see you dancing to Taylor Swift at your desk.
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