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This group of fourth-graders wants people to stop cursing all the time
A group of Denver fourth graders have one request: stop cursing. - photo by Herb Scribner
A group of Denver fourth-graders has one request: stop cursing.

NBC News affiliate reported that a group of elementary schoolchildren from a fourth-grade class at Carson Elementary School in Denver has established The BLEEP Committee, which hopes to encourage people to swear less.

BLEEP stands for Bad language eliminates essential partnerships.

The group hopes to end cursing at sporting events specifically by developing family friendly sections in arenas and sporting venues where cursing isnt allowed.

All over the world, people curse excessively. In front of kids! We need to stop this! Some kids aren't even allowed to go to sporting games because people swear so much during them! American football is the sport that I personally think has the most swear words, according to the groups website.

Watch the students explain their charge in the 9News video here.

In addition to the video with 9News, the group has filed a petition to encourage people to stop swearing in public.

We have talked it over and decided that as kids, we do not enjoy hearing people curse. We would appreciate your help in making cursing stop, the petition reads.

The group said it expects pushback but hope people understand their point of view: they don't want to hear the words when they're in public, according to 9News.
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