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These stores have the best Black Friday discounts, new report says
A new WalletHub report highlighted 10 stores that have the best average percent discounts for Black Friday. - photo by Herb Scribner
Department stores may offer the best average discounts for Black Friday.

According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers in 2016 spent most of their time on Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend shopping at department stores.

And for good reason. A new WalletHub report highlighted 10 stores that have the best average percent discount on their items for the first weekend of holiday shopping.

The report surveyed close to 10,000 deals across 35 major stores in the U.S. The report also reviewed the stores' ad scans to see the deals.

Heres a quick review of the top 10 stores with their average percent discount:

  • Kohls (66.32 percent)

  • JCPenney (66.3 percent)

  • Belk (62.75 percent)

  • Stage (60.82 percent)

  • ShopKo (55.93 percent)

  • Bealls Florida (52.78 percent)

  • Sears (50.09 percent)

  • Macys (45.58 percent)

  • Fred Meyer Jewelers (43.88 percent)

  • Army and Air Force Exchange Service (37.25 percent)

Meanwhile, Bass Pro Shops had the lowest average discount, with 20.83 percent.

The average overall discount for Black Friday is closer to 37 percent.

To find the best deals, look to apparel and accessories, which have a 28.03 percent average discount. By comparison, consumer goods have a 1.62 percent average discount.

Of course, be wary of shopping on Black Friday in general. As the Deseret News reported, Black Friday is far from the best time of the year to shop for deals. Many embrace it for its cultural impact, with families and friends shopping together during the Christmas season.

But some data suggest the best deals appear on the Monday before Thanksgiving, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"For all the hype, Black Friday isnt the day to find the best deals, according to new data from Adobe Systems Inc., which has collected information on one trillion visits to 4,500 retailing websites since 2008," reported The Wall Street Journal. "Instead, retailers biggest price cuts last year came on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and shoppers who bought items on Thanksgiving Day snapped up the seasons lowest prices."
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