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The longest-married couple in America will answer your questions about love this Valentine's Day
He's 104. She's 100. They've been together for 83 years. What they know about love and relationships may surprise you. And they're going to tell the world about it online. - photo by Jenna Koford
Ann and John Betar, 100 and 104 years old respectively, have been together for 83 years. They live in Connecticut and have five children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

John came to the United States from Syria in 1921 as a refugee from World War I. He began to have feelings for Ann, who was "the girl next door." John gave Ann a ride to school each morning. But Ann's father didn't approve.

Ann's father had plans to marry her off to a much older man. When John and Ann found out, they ran away and got married. She was 17; he was 21.

Anyone can ask these two questions about love, life, marriage and relationships; and, this Valentine's Day, the couple will answer questions via Twitter through the event organizer @Handy.

The couple told Yahoo News a few golden pieces of advice about marriage:

1. Devote your time to understand each other

Instead of simply nodding your head and ignoring what your spouse is really trying to say, try to use empathy and understand their side of the problem. Understand what makes him tick or what makes her frustrated. Understanding is so much more than just saying, "I understand." When you love someone, you should love each part of them and try to understand how they live their life and what they most desire. Open communication and quality time can be more precious than anything else.

2. Live within your means

Many couples don't know how to talk about budgeting or finances. Some spouses spend more than they should, and money problems rank high on the list of reasons for divorce. John and Ann recommend living contently with what you have.

Almost every couple will go through the "poor, hungry, and tired" phase of their relationship. You may feel you're always scrambling for money. Keep your head up and continually talk to your spouse about how to handle your finances in the best way possible. This problem solving can even bring you closer together as a couple.

3. Always agree with your wife

This was a joke from John, but it may be true. There's the famous saying, "Happy wife, happy life."

Don't simply agree with her to end the argument faster or to get on her good side. But when you put your wife (or spouse) first, everything else will fall into place.

You can ask your own questions to the couple via Twitter at the handle @Handy. Their love is just one example of how commitment and devotion can go a long way in any relationship. They've been through struggles and trials, but the Betars know a lot about love and life.
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