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The dishes most Americans crave this Thanksgiving
If surveys on Thanksgiving 2015 indicate anything, Americans have a craving for two dishes: stuffing and pumpkin pie. - photo by Payton Davis
As family members collaborate to prepare Thanksgiving dinner Thursday morning, they might want to go double the servings for stuffing.

What's the reason?

Stuffing took 32 percent of The Huffington Post's favorite Thanksgiving sides survey, Julie R. Thomson wrote for the organization.

Mashed potatoes (22 percent) and sweet potato casserole (13 percent) took second and third, the Post noted, hinting at what dishes your grandma, uncle and sister-in-law might be craving.

"What do you do with this information? Double up on your stuffing efforts big time," the Post's piece read. "Don't be shy with the mashed potatoes. (Even if they don't all get eaten, there are amazing things you can make out of leftover mashed potatoes.)"

But a FiveThirtyEight survey indicated regional trends also dictate which sides people stack on their plates; salad is the "most disproportionately common" side dish in the West, Walt Hickey reported for the organization.

Cornbread proves common in the central Southern states, green beans and casserole reign supreme in middle America, and rolls and biscuits are more common in the Great Lakes area than anywhere else, according to FiveThirtyEight.

The Southeast and New England arguably feature the most surprising trends.

"The Southeast prefers their carbs in the form of mac and cheese 35 percent of respondents in that region include the dish on their Thanksgiving menu versus 20 percent of the country overall," FiveThirtyEight's report indicated. "Meanwhile, New England is losing its mind over squash, with 56 percent demanding it on their table, compared with only 18 percent of the nation as a whole."

Don't forget dessert especially the pie.

And Americans want the pumpkin variety by a wide margin, The Huffington Post's survey on the favorite pie in the U.S. stated.

Those preferring pumpkin (39 percent) beat the second-place choice, apple (26 percent) handily, Julie R. Thompson wrote for the Post.

The Post noted pecan came in third (20 percent), while 9 percent of those surveyed couldn't make up their minds.

"Be sure to stock up on pumpkin pie," according to the Post.
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