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The Clean Cut: Womans hilarious prank and contagious laugh get 56 million views
A woman laughs after pranks her husband in a Facebook Video - photo by Brooke Facer
Honey, Im gonna show you a trick, says a mischievous woman in a Facebook video that has now gone viral, trying desperately to contain her smile. Her unsuspecting husband sweetly answers, OK, show me a trick.

The water bottle coin prank first surfaced on YouTube about two years ago, and then it spread like wildfire. Now there are thousands of people who have pranked their innocent friends and family with this trick, and, lucky for us, they have posted them on Facebook and YouTube.

With such widespread knowledge of this prank, it is quite rare to find someone who hasnt heard of it. But when people like the woman in this video do find those precious few, the result is videos like this gem.

I saw this prank on Facebook and wanted to try it on my husband, reads the Facebook post. The video now has 56 million views and thousands of likes and shares. The comments on the video express peoples admiration for the trick and for the couples ability to laugh with each other. One comment read, This represents the words I married my best friend.

Watch the video on Facebook here.
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