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The Clean Cut: The place where all the world's failures are celebrated
It's OK to fail. That's the message of a new museum in Helsingborg, Sweden, that collects some of the world's most notorious failures and puts them on display for all to see. - photo by Brittany Binowski
It's OK to fail.

That's the message of a new museum in Helsingborg, Sweden, that displays some of the world's most notorious failures.

"The criteria a product has to meet to be here is that it was an innovation and that it was a failure, and the failure is a deviation from expected and desired outcomes," said Samuel West, the curator of the Museum of Failure.

The museum includes the failed Apple gaming console Pippin, a hat from IKEA in the shape of a snail and an empty container for the McDonald's Arch Deluxe hamburger, which included bacon and a secret sauce.

West said he found the items on eBay or other specialty forums online. He also said some of the items were donated by people who heard about his museum.

While the museum now is just in a temporary space in Helsingborg, West said he hopes to keep the museum in the city in the future.

"One serious concern that I do have is when a product is overhyped, and then when it's launched, it doesn't meet those expectations, then there is a big risk of failure," West said. "So I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous that the Museum of Failure would flop. It would have to be on display at its own museum."

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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