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The Clean Cut: Serena Williams, Dude Perfect take on trick tennis shots
YouTube screen shot. - photo by Kelsey Schwab
How many members of a YouTube sensation sports group does it take to score a point against Serena Williams?

The answer is found in Dude Perfects latest YouTube video, which features Williams herself. Dude Perfect, a sports entertainment group, decided to expand its horizons and try out some tennis trick shots with Williams.

From learning how to do the famous Serena grunt, to shooting moving targets, to hitting a tennis ball into a bucket of water three courts away, this power combination of Dude Perfect and Williams showed up both to impress and to have a good time.

The video ends with a trick called The Palm Beach Swisher, where Williams hits a giant tennis ball into a basketball hoop from the top of the stadium with a giant tennis racket.

In addition to Dude Perfect's following on YouTube, the group has a show on CMT called The Dude Perfect Show" that airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. MDT.

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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