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The Clean Cut: New Cars 3 sneak peek shows that the film may not be as dark as expected
No Caption - photo by Herb Scribner
If you're worried about a darker Cars 3," time to hit the brakes. A new sneak peek of the film shows it won't be totally dark, just a little dramatic.

Back in November 2016, the first trailer for the upcoming Cars 3 film came out, showing what appeared to be a darker story than previous installments. The storys hero Lightning McQueen suffers from a car accident, apparently putting an end to his career.

The trailers sole message: "From this moment, everything will change."

Dark, to say the least.

But a new exclusive sneak peek of the 2017 film offers a little bit more detail about how this sequel will shape up. McQueen still suffers from the wreck in this teaser, but hes also told that he will have a tough time racing again, especially with new, more technologically-advanced vehicles.

The trailer remains grounded in seriousness, with no gags or jokes to be heard.

According to BGR, this may actually be a smart decision from Pixar.

Either way, its clear that Pixar is taking a very different approach after Cars 2 failed to register with the general public, BGR explained. It remains the studios lowest rated film by a significant margin, so its not surprising to see them take a different approach. At the end of the day, no matter how it turns out, itll be better than Cars 2.

Watch here.
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