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The Clean Cut: #MarchDadness brings out the corny jokes
Jimmy Fallon rolls his eyes at a corny dad joke on Thursday's episode of "The Tonight Show" - photo by Brooke Facer
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon collected all the best and worst dad jokes from the Twitterverse with the hashtag #MarchDadness Thursday night, causing a flood of laughter and eye rolls.

Every two weeks, Jimmy Fallon releases a hashtag for his followers on Twitter to include in their tweets. The best tweets will be read on the show, usually the next day. This week, the hashtag was #MarchDadness. Fallons tweet instructed, Tweet the best/corniest dad joke your dad or someone else's dad has said & tag it with #MarchDadness.

Thousands of responses followed, recounting cheesy jokes from dads all around the world.

One tweet featured in the video read, "My dad would order a pizza saying, 'I would like to order a 747...Ya know, a large plain.'"

Each dad joke seemed as corny as the one before, but somehow "The Tonight Show" team managed to select some favorites, which Fallon read on the show.

Some of our favorites that were not included in the video were:

"Have you heard about the new corduroy pillow? It's making headlines!"

"Whenever we ask my dad, 'can you make me a drink?' he will point at us and say, 'poof! You're a drink!' and walk away."

"One time my dad walked up to a Samsung security guard and asked, "Are you guardian of the galaxy?"

"My Dads favorite heartthrob joke... Why do all the guys want to be plumbers? To fix Farrahs Fawcett and Olivia Newtons-John."

"'Where are the other 19 pilots?' -my dad at a twenty one pilots concert."

Watch Jimmy Fallon read the tweets here.
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