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The Clean Cut: Double amputee takes up running, completes marathons
Double amputee Jami Marseilles completes the Boston Marathon. - photo by Brooke Facer
When she was in college, Jami Marseilles was stranded in her car for 11 days after she got stuck in a snowstorm. All her extremities were severely frostbitten by the time she was found, leading to the amputation of both legs below the knee.

Im very fortunate to be alive, she said in a video from SoulPancake.

After her amputations, her physical therapist told her she needed to exercise, and Marseilles threw herself into it.

I really believe that exercise, Marseilles says in the video, and learning to run and learning to push my body to limits that I never thought were possible has given me an incredible strength of power to know that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.

Now almost 30 years later, Marseilles is a competitive athlete who has been featured by media organizations all over the world.

As a competitive runner, she excelled and earned both world records and gold medals in sprinting, according to She entered uncharted territory when she began a love affair with distance running, and today, she is the only member of a very exclusive club. Marseilles is the only female bilateral below-the-knee amputee to have ever completed a half marathon and marathon.

Marseilles has completed six half marathons and both the Chicago and Boston marathons, according to her website. She is also a motivational speaker and breast cancer survivor.

In the video, says she runs because someone told her that she couldnt.

If someone tells you that you cant do it, she said, find a way.
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