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The Clean Cut: Boy cries over failing March Madness bracket
A young basketball fan cries as he counts the number of red marks on his bracket - photo by Brooke Facer
In this clip from ABC News, a boy cries over his failing March Madness bracket, mirroring the feelings of many other fans after the recent bracket-buster games.

I have eight, the boy cries in the video, as he points out the errors in his bracket, each marked in red. His mom tries to assure him that everything will be fine, but the boy points to each loss as he counts out loud and can't finish before he dissolves into tears.

Several upsets have left college basketball fans with similar feelings and ugly brackets. After No. 1 seed Villanova lost to No. 8 seed Wisconsin on Saturday, 62-65, and Duke lost to South Carolina 81-88 Sunday night, many fans have brackets with red marks.

Sports reporter Tom Eble tweeted this GIF about his bracket after the Wisconsin triumph.

Anchorman Bob Herzogs Twitter reflected similar feelings.

Another basketball fan had a crying fit after his team, Northwestern, lost to Gonzaga in the second round.

Yet another crying fan made headlines when the Twitter account of University of Wisconsin tweeted a video from last year's tournament of the piccolo player from Villanovas band crying as she played.
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